ECHO 44 – News

— October 7, 2021 —

A Young Democracy!

Here are some pictures of the student representative election in 1st grade C (élections des délégués in French).

Election Fever Continues!

Student elections also got underway in 3rd grade with 7 candidates in total! Avi and Stella were the chosen candidates — bottom photo.

4th Grade voted too!


Let’s Address Cyberbullying …

This week, fifth-grade students learned what cyberbullying is. The students had the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss how to stand up to cyberbullies for themselves and others. Here are the students’ ideas in their own words. (This month is also National Bullying Prevention Month, a month-long event to prevent childhood bullying and promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.)

The Value of the Great House Tournament

The Great House Tournament has been a staple of Middle School life for three years now. Each house represents a school value. The objective is for the students to compete in friendly games aimed at creating cohesion among the Middle School grades. 
To learn more about this year’s event please click here to view a presentation by Marion Addo, Middle School Coordinator.
Below are the banners of each House:

And finally …

4A students practicing typing today!

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