ECHO 45 – News

— October 14, 2021 —

Special Spanish and English Robotics Lessons

Second and third-grade students experienced their first Robotics class in Spanish and English this week! In the very special Spanish + English Robotics lessons with Profesora Yuriko and Ms. Alice, students worked in pairs to practice Spanish vocabulary and sentences to solve a number of mathematical problems through programming Bee-Bots! Muchos gracias, Profesora Yuriko!

“Pen Pals” — Letters Received in France!

As you may remember, SDFAS students from 5th, 6th, and 8th grade have started a Pen Pal project with schools in France and Qatar. This week students from Amiens, France received their letters from SDFAS! (See below).

Digital Citizenship & Cyber Safety 

Fourth-grade students reflected and summarized their learnings from this year’s Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety classes. In small groups of three or four, the students discussed their takeaways from all lessons and proceeded to draw and write their learnings on large whiteboards. 

October is Cyberbullying Awareness Month

Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior. Most kids will encounter mean behavior at some point in their digital lives. For some kids, this experience is a blip that’s easily forgotten, while for others it can have deep, long-lasting effects. For parents, the key is staying involved in kids’ lives — both online and off — so they can step in and offer help if necessary. With guidance from parents and educators, kids can learn how to dodge the drama and stand up for others. 
Check out more tips here.

Democracy in Action!

1st class council of the school year in 3rd grade!

Stretching Out!

Our 1st grader’s students practiced little butterfly yoga (le yoga du petit papillon). They loved to focus on their bodies and imagine themselves flying through the air.

Crime Writers!

Below are some 4th graders writing their police novel. We studied the crime genre and decided to write our own books to enhance our creative writing skills.

Papel Amate

4th-grade students learned about “Papel Amate” which is a type of art technique from Mexico. Students watched a documentary in Spanish and looked at an original piece that has been on display in their classes. Then, students selected an image that they wanted to recreate in their own way by using this technique. 

Lotería Mexicana

To conclude the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month from (September 15 to October 15), first-grade students played the kids version of the “Lotería Mexicana.” Students worked with target vocabulary such as “tarjetas, fichas, línea, horizontal, vertical, diagonal y gané.”

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And finally …

This week students learned about  “Luchadores” from Mexico including “El Santo,” a very famous wrestler, and the cultural aspect of “Lucha Libre.” Then, students created and decorated their own masks. 

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