Echo Info #22 (Bis)

Dear Families,

We hope you had a restful and fun February break! 

Upcoming Events not to miss this week

Deadline for re-enrollment for 2020-21: Friday, February 28th
Click here for instructions on how to re-enroll for the 2020-21 school year.
Mardi Gras
  • February 25th
  • Wear purple, gold, and green.
Coral Bleaching Awareness Day – LIVE Club
  • February 28th
  • Wear white and gray.


Mardi Gras
PK2 – Sculpture Workshop
  • February 28th – 8:45 am to 11:30 am
  • For the past few weeks, we have hosted sculptures in our classes. Jon Koelher, the artist, will come to the school auditorium to present a short movie of himself in action, in his shop. Following this, he will answer the students’ questions. In the second part of the visit, each class will have time to create a sculpture “à la manière de” Jon Koehler. The teachers will be in charge of these activities. Jon will look at the children’s work, give advice, and help with creating a sense of movement in each work of art. 
  • Permission Slips:
PK2 – Mini Forum
  • March 4th – 9 am 
  • Parents are invited to come see the students’ sculptures “à la manière de” Jon Koehler.

Elementary School

1st Grade – 100 Days of School
  • February 25th
  • First graders will be celebrating the 100th day of school. They will bring in their own collection of 100 items, and we will combine the two classes in the morning to do activities all relating to the number 100. We are also going to make the number 100 using our bodies.
3rd Grade Forum
  • February 27th – 8:30 am – Auditorium
  • Our forum focuses on the Responsive Classroom approach.
  • Parents invited!
3rd Grade Yoga
  • February 28th 
  • Students will enjoy a 45-minute yoga class with a professional instructor in the auditorium.
5th Grade Star Party
  • February 25th – 5:15 pm to 7:30 pm – Blacktop
  • Student attendance is required until 6:15 pm as this activity is part of their unit on the Universe. An exciting opportunity to interact with astronomers…
  • Reminder: The 5th Grade Star Party is a “students-only” experience.
5th Grade Forum
  • March 5th – 8:30 am – Auditorium
  • Students will present their collaborative math projects in which they used geometry and modeling skills to design and create “vehicles of the future.”
  • Parents invited!

Middle School 

Please note that Mrs. Ghattas will be absent from February 26th to February 29th. She will be representing SDFAS at the NAIS Conference in Philadelphia.
3rd Trimester Middle School Electives begin this week, February 25th and 27th 
Support our Haitian Penpals – School Supply Drive
  • February 24th – 28th 
  • 7th and 8th-grade students have been writing and supporting Project Edeline in Haiti for three years. This year, our annual drive is looking for:
    • Slightly used backpacks
    • All school supplies
    • French books for children
    • Medical supplies; first aid, over the counter meds, children’s vitamins
    • Sports equipment and gear
    • Used shoes, in good condition, for children
    • Used clothing, in good condition, for children
Middle Schoolers invited to the 5th Grade Star Party
  • February 25th – 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm – Blacktop
  • Optional: The Middle School students are invited to join the 5th graders (not before 6:15 pm) to enjoy a wonderful time gazing at the stars.
  • Reminder: This is a “students-only” experience.

Enrichment  Program

ASA 2nd session 
Summer Camp “Le Tour du Monde édition 2020″
  • Register before April 30th to get the early bird discount. 
  • Click here to register.
  • This year our summer camp is open to 2-year olds! 2-year old campers DO NOT need to be potty trained to attend…
  • We are also offering an intensive French-as-a-second language camp for teenage learners. Spread the word!