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March, 5th 2021

Spotlight on 6th grade

Activité Dictée Marathon / Running Dictation

To end our study of Homer’s Odyssey, the 6th graders participated in a dictation marathon. Like Ulysses, they had to engage both body and mind in friendly competition. Their mission: to memorize an unknown poem (Happy Who Like Ulysses by Du Bellay) line by line in turn and dictate it to their teammate. One student reads the first line, comes back to his teammate, dictates the sentence, the other writes it, then they change roles. The one who first was writing then runs to the paper, reads the 2nd line of the poem, comes back and dictates the sentence to his team, and so on until the end. You have to run, memorize, dictate and write at the same time, then work as a team to correct mistakes. The winning team is the one that finished first with the fewest mistakes. For the FLE students, the text was a poem adapted to their level. But the activity was the same. The sixth graders loved this activity and can’t wait to do it again. They were surprised to realize that the movement (running) had improved their concentration and they had memorized the whole poem without even realizing it!
Pour clôturer notre étude de l’Odyssée d’Homère, les deux classes de 6ème ont participé à un marathon-dictée. Tout comme Ulysse, ils ont dû solliciter à la fois leur corps et leur esprit dans une compétition amicale. Leur mission : mémoriser un poème inconnu (Heureux qui comme Ulysse de Du Bellay) ligne par ligne à tour de rôle et le dicter à leur équipier.
Un élève lit la première ligne, revient vers son équipier, lui dicte la phrase, l’autre l’écrit puis ils changent de rôle. Celui qui écrivait court vers le texte, va lire la 2e ligne du poème, revient et dicte la phrase à son équipe, et ainsi de suite jusqu’à la fin. 
Il faut à la fois courir, mémoriser, dicter et écrire, puis travailler en équipe pour corriger les fautes. L’équipe qui gagne est celle qui a fini en premier avec le moins de fautes. 
Pour les élèves FLE, le texte était un poème adapté à leur niveau. Mais l’activité est la même.
Les 6e ont adoré cette activité et ont hâte de la refaire. Ils ont été surpris de réaliser que le mouvement (la course) avait favorisé leur concentration et qu’ils avaient mémorisé tout le poème sans même s’en apercevoir !
Sylvie Toudic, French teacher

February was Black History Month

Black history is American history, but Black History Month provides the necessary opportunity to dig deeper. This February, we supported students as they learned more, discovered cultural impacts, and followed movements through to the present day. In the classroom, we also celebrated and recognized the accomplishments and contributions Black Americans have made for our society. Our goal is to prepare our students to become world citizens who recognize the accomplishments of others with open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity to impart integrity and empathy along the way.

Preventative measures keep us healthy!









Infection Prevention Tips: 

Choose a mask with a Nose Wire

  • A nose wire is a metal strip along the top of the mask
  • Nose wires prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask.
  • Bend the nose wire over your nose to fit close to your face.
Marilyn Rakow, RN

Upcoming Events by dates

Monday, March 8th
COVID-19 Screening

Monday, March 8th starting at 3:30 pm
Class Councils/Conseils de Classe for 6A/6B/7A

Tuesday, March 9th starting at 3:30 pm
Class Councils/Conseils de Classe for 8A/8B/7B 

PK0-PK1-PK2 Individual and Class Pictures by Alexandra Borbolla, Photographer
  • Wednesday, March 10th: PK1 Gladys, PK1/2 Karima, PK2 Stephanie
  • Thursday, March 11th: PK0A Vesna & PK0B Margot
  • Friday, March 12th: PK1 Emilie, PK2 Pauline, PK2 Gaelle

Friday, March 12
Second-Trimester Report Cards

Saturday, March 14th at 3 pm
À Table Community Event: L’Atelier Tiramisu

From the Development Office

2021 GALA – TRUE COLORS – SAVE THE DATE! May 15, 2021

The Gala directly benefits our students and faculty. Funds raised help us improve our campus (auditorium, track & field, etc.), preserve the socio-economic diversity of our student body through financial aid, invest in expert educators through professional development, foster innovation through programs and facilities (innovation lab), and much more.

For questions, contact Ana Walsh, 2021 Gala Chair, and Véronique Rahmati, Director of Development,

When you shop at donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to SDFAS. On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select San Diego French-American School. Support us when you shop! 


A Yearbook Like No Other for a Year Like No Other
Faced with a variety of delays and limitations imposed by COVID-19, The Yearbook Club has reimagined the 2019-20 and 2020-21 yearbooks as one special edition that captures the two school years impacted by the global pandemic. All orders for the 2019-20 Yearbook will be honored with the receipt of this special edition. 
Cover competition (deadline for submission: March 10th)
The Yearbook Club invites the student body to contribute their artwork to the Cover competition for the Yearbook! The theme of this special edition is “Staying Connected in a Year Like No Other”. We encourage all interested students to submit their artwork by this Wednesday, March 10th, at 3:00 pm.  All eligible drawings will appear in the Yearbook and the winner will be on the cover!
  • Two complementing designs on white, unlined sheets of paper (8.5 x 11) or a digital submission
  • Portrait orientation.
  • You may use any medium: colored pencils, oil pastels, collage, graphic design, etc, black and white or color.
  • You may work in a group or individually.
  • All entries must include: the school logo, “San Diego French American School”, “2020-2021”, and the words “Staying Connected in a Year Like No Other”
  • Please write your name(s) on the back in pencil and a short explanation of your design.
Please turn in your entry to the front office or Middle School office, or submit it electronically to before Wednesday March 10th, 3:00 pm.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with!  
Andrew Ericson,

“À table” virtual series – A community-building initiative

Come and join SDFAS Community on Saturday, March 13th at 3 pm for another baking experience. À Table series is traveling to Italy! Bianca Romero and Luigi Pigliacelli will be sharing their family recipe during a live demonstration. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an exclusive taste of Italian cooking! 

Register HERE. We will send you the list of ingredients and the Zoom link during the week prior to the event.

Science Fair

April 5th and April 7th, 2021

More Info

We are hosting our annual school science fair between April 5 and April 7, 2021. During these days, we will have student display boards set up on campus, and we will also have a virtual science fair for students who wish to share slide presentations about their experiments. Seventh graders will be presenting their projects. Participation for all other grades is optional. Science fair is an opportunity for students to use research and experimentation to explore topics of interest. As such, we invite and encourage all interested students to develop and share a science project. Students who participate will conduct an experiment and gather data in a journal. They will then compile their information into a slide presentation and/or display board. For safety purposes, experiments must be conducted off-campus. As such, parents and guardians are responsible for supervising and procuring materials. We would like students to make their own discoveries, so we encourage them to work as independently as possible. Between the days of 4/5/21 and 4/7/21, SDFAS community members will have the opportunity to look at all submitted projects, either virtually or in person. In addition, students will vote on the projects they found to be most interesting. If you are interested in participating in our annual science fair, please reach out to your student’s homeroom teacher. We will follow up with additional information. Some helpful resources for project ideas and guidelines are and If you have questions, please contact Suneeta Cohen,

Spring Break Camp and Summer Camp registrations are now open!

Spring Break Camp

  • Spring Break camp will run April 19-23
  • Half-day rate: $275/week for 1st child, $250 for 2nd/3rd child registered
  • Full-day rate: $350/week for 1st child, $315 for 2nd/3rd child registered
  • Registration closes Sunday, April 11th. $50 late registration fee applied after April 11th
  • Cohorts will maintain their regular school schedule
  • Pre-K classes are limited to 6 students per cohort
  • Kindergarten classes are limited to 8 students per cohort
  • Space available on a first-come-first-served basis
  • No extended-care during camps.
  • Register here or visit Vacation Camps for more information
  • Sample Schedule

Summer Camp

  • Summer camps will begin June 21st through July 30th
  • No camp July 5th
  • Visit Summer Camp to find out more about themes for each week and register
  • Half days available for ages 2-5 years old
  • $260 half-day rate (5 days); $220 half-day rate (July 6-9)
  • $360 full-day rate (5 days); $320 full-day rate (July 6-9)
  • Discounted rate for early registration until April 30th: $320/week (full days only)
  • Discounted rate for full summer package: $1870/6 weeks (full days); $1520/6 weeks (half days)
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancelation fully refundable up to June 7th. Cancelations between June 8th-June 14th incur a $50 cancelation fee per child. No refunds after June 14th. Sick days are refunded if a note from the family physician, pediatrician, or primary care doctor is provided. SDFAS reserves the right to combine or cancel camps if a minimum of 6 registered children (per cohort) is not met.

Contact Ariel at for inquiries.

Middle School

Class Councils/Conseils de Classe

  • 6A/6B/7A – Monday, March 8th starting at 3:30 pm
  • 8A/8B/7B – Tuesday, March 9th starting at 3:30 pm

Report cards

  • Report cards will be published Friday, March 12
  • A pdf document containing both the French and US report cards will be sent as well

Middle School Blog

The Middle School Blog is back! Read about our students’ success on the AMC8 and MOEMS math competitions here. Watch this space!

Academic Newsletters from September through February

Math Olympiads

We are pleased to invite all students interested in entering the Math Olympiads (MOEMS) competition to please sign up here. The contest will take place online after school and is open to all students, on-site and DL. We will determine the exact date of the contest based on feedback from interested participants.

For questions related to the middle school, please contact Tom Faure, Director of the middle school,

High School Placement

Updates from Erin Stoller – March 5th


Thank you for buying books through our virtual book fairs this year. We know it wasn’t as fun as browsing through the stacks, but every little bit helps in these strange times. Thanks to your purchases, wonderful new books will be added to the library collection.
Happy Reading!
Anne, Librarian

Lightbox Subscription

Our Lightbox 1-year subscription is active now:

All our students, teachers, or parents need to do is click on the link and they’ll have access to all of the Interactive eBooks! The link above offers full, unlimited access to anyone from your school and can be accessed from home, school, or anywhere students, teachers, or parents have a device and internet access. This account is to be used by our individual school only. Please do not share outside of the SDFAS community.

My French Festival

From January 15 through February 15, 2021

Check out books with our new Online Library Catalog

In order to reserve books for your children, you will need a login and a pin. Send an email including your first and last names as well as your email address to, and Anne Ricart will create them for you.
Once you have made a reservation (click the ‘Reserve’ button under the picture of each book cover), the librarian will be notified. The books will be checked out in your name and you’ll receive an email letting you know when the books will be handed to you (usually at pick up time).
More information on the library webpage.

For questions related to the library, please contact Anne Ricart, Librarian,

SDFAS Apparel

Order Required Red Polo and Navy Blue T-Shirt and other Spirit Wear

There is no school uniform at SDFAS; however, the school does have a Dress Code, as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook. For the 2020/21 school year, we are excited to partner, again, with Land’s End, a provider of high-quality school clothing and spirit wear.

  • All Preschool students must wear their red polo during field trips and school events.
  • All students from Grade 1 through 5 must wear a red polo during field trips and school events and a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.
  • All students Grade 5 through 8 must wear a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.

Here is the Land’s End SDFAS webpage (900190869) where you will order:

  • Red polo with the SDFAS logo (required for grades PK0 through 5) 
  • Navy-blue PE t-shirt with the SDFAS logo (required for grades 1 through 8). The school will reimburse one navy-blue PE t-shirt per child if purchased before September 30th.  Your FACTs tuition account will be credited in October.  

More Info here. Please remember to label your child’s clothing and personal belongings.


School Calendar

2020-21 Calendar

Ellen Bialystok’s presentation: Cognitive Development in Bilingual Children

In January, over 100 people attended Ellen Bialystok’s presentation on the cognitive effects of bilingual education, neural activity in bilingual children, and the effects of bilingualism across the lifespan. For those who did not have the chance to join us, Ellen kindly gave us permission to share the recording of the event:

State of the School: January 21

Webinar Recording
Webinar Slide Deck

Digital Citizenship

From Alice Kong, STEAM Coordinator. It is more important than ever to talk to children on a regular basis about online safety and digital citizenship. Family-friendly activities

Social-Emotional Learning

Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom teachings remind us that in order to be successful in and out of school, students need to learn a set of social and emotional competencies – cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control — and a set of academic competencies – academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies, and academic behaviors. Overview of the SEL Program at SDFAS

Acknowledgment Form

Return-to-School Documents for Acknowledgement and Signature

All parents with children enrolled at SDFAS for the 2020-2021 school year are required to review and acknowledge with signature the following documents using this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM:

**URGENT Action Needed!**Click here for the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM to print, complete, sign, scan to pdf, and return by email to Stephanie Humbert at

Emergency Contact and Pick Up Authorization Update

How to Update Contact Information and Pick-Up Authorization in FACTS?

  • Go to your Family Portal
  • In the menu on the left: Select the “Family” drop-down
  • Click “Family Home”
  • Within the “Contact Info” click the edit pencil to update “Emergency Contacts” and “Transportation (Pick-up) Contacts”.
  • You may add as many “Transportation (Pick-up) Contacts” as necessary.

Drop-off and Pick-up Protocols

Sign in/Sign out Procedure in Preschool with Procare App

Drop-off and Pick-up

Protocols Rules for bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles in and around the dirt lot

Elementary School and Middle School Early Pick-Up

We would like to limit the number of visitors to the main office. If you wish to pick up your child earlier than regular dismissal time for a medical appointment or any other purposes, please email Stéphanie Humbert at with the date and time of pick-up. Please also copy the teachers so your child will be ready to go. When you arrive in front of the school, please call the front office and we will escort your child to your car. Thank you for your cooperation!

From the Nurse’s Office

Download Magnus Health Screening App

Consult our Covid-19 webpage at any time to see our most recent updates. Great news from Magnus! They have heard the recommendations from the community and have updated the Magnus application to now include Face ID/ Touch ID. The best way to take advantage of this update is to update the app in the Apple Store (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android Users). Once updated, login, and a pop-up window will appear asking if you’d like to enable the Face ID/Touch ID feature. You may need to delete the app and download it again if you do not get the pop up upon logging in. Flu Season is here. Don’t wait to get the flu vaccine. Video from Anna and Mark

**URGENT Action Needed!**For the parents who have not downloaded the Magnus app yet, please do so as soon as possible and make sure that you are filling out this prescreening for your student(s) every morning before dropping them off at school. See instructions below. This helps us to move more efficiently in the morning and will help our students get to class on time. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to navigate through this pandemic together and keep our students on campus.
If you are having trouble with the app please contact the school nurse, Marilyn Rakow at

Instructions to install Magnus App For the upcoming school year, parents will use the Magnus Health Mobile App to complete a daily COVID-19 screening assessment for each SDFAS student from a smartphone in just a few clicks. This screening will need to be done every morning, at home, no later than 7:30 am, before departure for school. On August 27, 2020, parents will be able to set up a Magnus Health account via FACTS. After activating your Magnus Health account via FACTS you will install the Magnus Health Mobile App on your smartphone.  To log in for the first time please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your FACTS account
  2. Go to the Family Portal
  3. Under the “Student Tab” Go to “Medical”
  4. Click on MAGNUS Login button
  5. Hover over your name within Magnus (top left of screen) and choose Change Credentials
  6. Enter a Username & Password that only you know and will remember. This should be the same username & password you use for FACTS
  7. You will see this phrase daily to remind you to complete your Covid-19 screening.
  8. Download the “Magnus Mobile V2” App from the Apple Store or the Google Play store, and log in using your username & password.

At the completion of this initial process, you will be able to download the Magnus Mobile App for free on your smartphone and log in through the app to complete the screening assessment each morning. If you need additional help, you can always reference the parent tutorial. You will access the screening via the button titled “COVID-19.” We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this daily screening as it will be an imperative function of our safety protocols. Upon completion of the quick survey each morning, you will receive a message for the student’s attendance giving instructions for that day.  If your child arrives at school and the screening has not been completed, we will ask that you complete it before the student exits the vehicle. A parent must be the one to fill this out. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep the school operational during this pandemic.  Use of this App will help us create the safest possible environment for your children, our faculty, and staff.  For any technical issues with the mobile app such as login problems, or problems completing the screening please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR by phone at 877.461.6831 or by email at

Medical Forms

Preschool and K  & Medical Forms

  • PK0 New Student Medical Packet Including Emergency Information Form, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Child’s Pre-admission Health History – Parents Report, Physicians Report, Notification of Parents’ Rights, Acknowledgment of receipt of the Personal Rights, Parent consent for Administration of Medications, and Medication Chart, A copy of the student’s immunizations, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parents to keep)
  • PK1 Potty Training Policy
  • PK1 and PK2 New Student Medical Packet Including Identification & Emergency information, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Childs pre-admission Health History Parent‘s report, Physician Report, Notification of Parents Rights, Acknowledgement of Receipt of Personal Rights, Parent consent for Administration of Medications And Medication Chart, A copy of the student’s immunizations, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, SDFAS Potty Training Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parents to keep)
  • Kindergarten New Student Medical Packet Including A Copy of Student’s Immunizations, Parent consent for Administration of Medications And Medication Chart, Report of medical examination for school entry, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parent’s to keep)
  • Guide to Immunizations – Physician’s Report – Proof of immunization and vaccines must be on file by the first day of the school year. As required by law, a child will not be allowed to attend school if these records are not on file.
  • Food Allergy Action Plan

K-8  & Medical Forms

  • 1st Grade: A School Entry Health Checkup is required for all incoming 1st graders.
  • 7th Grade: Please be reminded that all incoming 7th graders must have their whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination before school starts.
  • Immunization Records for New Students: Proof of immunization and vaccines must be on file by the first day of the school year. As required by law, a child will not be allowed to attend school if these records are not on file.
  • Food Allergy Action Plan
  • Guide to Immunizations 

Back to School Presentations

Grades Pk0-PK1-PK2

Natalie Thorpe Cindy Sierra PK1/PK2 (Cindy)
Natalie Thorpe Gaelle Deriot PK2 (Gaelle)
Natalie Thorpe Stephanie Pinel PK2 (Stephanie)
Alexandra Lette – Distance Learning

Grades K

Parent Webinars by Mark Rosenblum, Headmaster – SDFAS Reopening Overview

Grades 1-5

Middle School

6th Grade
7th Grade 8th Grade You can find here the general information shared during the Middle School Back to School Night.
MS Parent Webinar by Mark Rosenblum, Headmaster – SDFAS Reopening Overview

School Supplies

School Supplies

SDFAS is happy to partner with School Tool Box, for Grades 1 through 8, a service that allows you to do school supply shopping from home! Students will receive quality, name brand supplies that match their school supply list shipped directly home. Not only that, one meal is donated to Feed My Starving Children for every box ordered. It’s easy, visit School Tool Box, select your child’s grade, remove any items you already have, and purchase the rest. If you order supplies online, consider supporting the school by using Amazon Smile and Mabel’s Labels (San Diego French-American School (La Jolla)) to purchase name tags to label your child’s belongings! 

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