Echo Info #8
Bonnes vacances à tous! We wish you a restful break!

**URGENT Action Needed, if not done yet!** Please be sure to return the Acknowledgement Form to Stéphanie ( and to use Magnus App for passive screening every morning. See instructions below.

Acknowledgement Form

Return-to-School Documents for Acknowledgement and Signature

All parents with children enrolled at SDFAS for the 2020-2021 school year are required to review and acknowledge with signature the following documents using this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM:

**URGENT Action Needed!**Click here for the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM to print, complete, sign, scan to pdf and return by email to Stephanie Humbert at

From the Nurse’s Office

Remember to wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands!

Download Magnus Health Screening App

Great news from Magnus! They have heard the recommendations from the community and have updated the Magnus application to now include Face ID/ Touch ID. The best way to take advantage of this update is to update the app in the Apple Store (iphone users) or Google Play Store (Android Users). Once updated, log in, and a pop up window will appear asking if you’d like to enable the Face ID/Touch ID feature. You may need to delete the app and download it again if you do not get the pop up upon logging in. Flu Season is here. Don’t wait to get the flu vaccine. Video from Anna and Mark

**URGENT Action Needed!**For the parents who have not downloaded the Magnus app yet, please do so as soon as possible and make sure that you are filling out this prescreening for your student(s) every morning before dropping them off at school. See instructions below. This helps us to move more efficiently in the morning and will help our students get to class on time. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to navigate through this pandemic together and keep our students on campus.
If you are having trouble with the app please contact the school nurse, Anna Forester at :

Instructions to install Magnus App For the upcoming school year, parents will use the Magnus Health Mobile App to complete a daily COVID-19 screening assessment for each SDFAS student from a smartphone in just a few clicks. This screening will need to be done every morning, at home, no later than 7:30 am, before departure for school. On August 27, 2020, parents will be able to set up a Magnus Health account via FACTS. After activating your Magnus Health account via FACTS you will install the Magnus Health Mobile App on your smartphone.  To log in for the first time please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your FACTS account
  2. Go to the Family Portal
  3. Under the “Student Tab” Go to “Medical”
  4. Click on Magnus Login button
  5. Hover over your name within Magnus (top left of screen) and choose Change Credentials
  6. Enter a Username & Password that only you know and will remember. This should be the same username & password you use for FACTS
  7. You will see this phrase daily to remind you to complete your Covid-19 screening.
  8. Download the “Magnus Mobile V2” App from the Apple Store or the Google Play store, and log in using your username & password.

At the completion of this initial process, you will be able to download the Magnus Mobile App for free on your smartphone and log in through the app to complete the screening assessment each morning. If you need additional help, you can always reference the parent tutorial. You will access the screening via the button titled “COVID-19.” We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this daily screening as it will be an imperative function of our safety protocols. Upon completion of the quick survey each morning, you will receive a message for the student’s attendance giving instructions for that day.  If your child arrives at school and the screening has not been completed, we will ask that you complete it before the student exits the vehicle. A parent must be the one to fill this out. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep the school operational during this pandemic.  Use of this App will help us create the safest possible environment for your children, our faculty, and staff.  For any technical issues with the mobile app such as login problems, or problems completing the screening please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR by phone at 877.461.6831 or by email at


Elementary School and Middle School Early Pick-Up

We would like to limit the number of visitors in the main office. If you wish to pick up your child earlier than regular dismissal time for a medical appointment or any other purposes, please email Stéphanie Humbert at with the date and time of pick-up. Please also copy the teachers so your child will be ready to go. When you arrive in front of the school, please call the front office and we will escort your child to your car. Thank you for your cooperation!

Rules for bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles in and around the dirt lot

Financial Aid

SDFAS offers tuition assistance to qualified applicants based entirely on demonstrated financial need. Applications are now available for 2021-2022 on SSS.

New! We are now accredited by Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) for Military/DoD Fee Assistance programs.

SDFAS Financial Aid

Upcoming Events

We encourage you to subscribe to the events calendar, so you can get automatic reminders.

October/November Events

October Break
October 16th – October 25th
No October Break vacation camp this year

School Council #1
Monday, October 26th – 4 pm – 5:15 pm – (Zoom meeting)
You should have received an email from your Room Parent to give some feedback prior to the School Council. 
You may also use the following Google Form to share comments or questions. Feedback for School Council

Middle School Parent-teacher conferences
October 26th – October 29th

Halloween Minimum Day Pick-up times
October 30th
PK0 Vesna – 12:00 pm
PK1 Gladys/Emilie/ Cindy – 11:45 am
PK2 Gaelle – 11:30 am
PK2 Stephanie and Pauline – 12:00 pm
K – 11:45 am
1st & 2nd grade (main gate) – 12:15 pm
3rd, 4th & 5th grade (dirt parking lot) – 11:45 am
Collège  (dirt parking lot) – 12:15 pm

Panorama, school climate survey for Grade 3-8
November 2 – 9

Welcome to SDFAS!

Each week, in this new section, we will present new staff and faculty members or employees who have a changed position within the school.

Tom Faure - Director of Middle School

Raised in a French-American family in New York—by way of Paris, Tokyo, and London—Tom Faure has international education in his blood. His bilingual education prepared him well for his Bachelor’s degree studies at Columbia University, after which he embarked on his journey as an educator at the French-American School of New York. At FASNY, Tom developed his teaching practice in English and English as a Second Language in both Middle and High School. He also served as faculty advisor to the student newspaper and to the LGBTQIA+ affinity group while coaching several athletic teams. While immersing himself in the life of his school, Tom pursued an MFA in Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts, cementing his expertise in literary craft and instruction. In 2015, Tom joined FASNY’s administrative team, continuing to teach while managing the school’s schedules and academic reporting. In 2018, Tom took on the role of High School Dean of Students, supporting the Assistant Head of School with managing the school’s French and International Bac programs. Tom was recruited as SDFAS’ next Head of Middle School in the fall of 2020, bringing with him the same core values of our school—open-mindedness, empathy, drive, imagination, and integrity.


Alice Kong - STEAM Coordinator

Ms. Alice holds a Master’s degree in Education from UC San Diego, with additional certifications in Bilingual Education, Business Management, and Computer Concepts. She is trilingual in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. A firm believer in teaching all subjects in a cross-curricular setting, Ms. Alice plans lessons that integrate art, music, math, science, history, technology, and language arts.  She loves to ignite her students’ curiosity with engaging, purposeful, and hands-on projects.  Ms. Alice enjoys teaching all subjects, especially science, mathematics, and technology. Her goal as an educator is to provide instruction in all the ways that her students need, whether they are spatial (visual), aural (auditory-musical), linguistic (verbal), kinesthetic (physical), logical (mathematical), and/or interpersonal (social or solitary) learners. Ms. Alice has teaching experience at elementary schools in Poway, San Diego, National City, and Oceanside. After many years of teaching in our elementary school, Ms. Alice took on the position as STEAM Coordinator. In addition to engaging students with new and emerging educational technologies, she is also determined for all students to achieve and understand digital literacy, online safety, digital responsibility, digital health and wellness, and cyberbullying prevention through Digital Citizenship classes and activities. Ms. Alice is a certified yoga teacher. She treasures alone time for reflecting and thinking, reading, gardening, paddle boarding, singing, and walking on the beach.


Digital Citizenship

From Alice Kong, STEAM Coordinator

How to talk to children about online safety and Digital Citizenship? It is more important than ever to talk to children on a regular basis about online safety and digital citizenship.

Updated Family friendly activities

Social Emotional Learning

Panorama, a school climate survey will be administered by classroom teachers in 3rd through 8th grade between November 2 – 9.

More information on Panorama from Alice Kong (with survey opt out option)

Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom teachings remind us that in order to be successful in and out of school, students need to learn a set of social and emotional competencies – cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control — and a set of academic competencies – academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies, and academic behaviors.

Overview of the SEL Program at SDFAS

Virtual Parenting Conference at Fusion Academy


For questions about Preschool, please contact Babeth Esterly, and Sophie Ricouard,


For questions about Kindergarten, please contact Babeth Esterly, and Sophie Ricouard,

Elementary School

For questions about Elementary School, please contact Francis Carlier,

Middle School

For questions about Middle School, please contact Marion Addo,

October Academic Newsletters


Clubs will start on November 2nd. Links for registration and detailed offer will go out by email in the coming days. 

Coast to Coast

We are excited to announce the second annual Coast to Coast Global Issues Leadership Initiative and this year’s theme Freshwater Conservation!  Coast to Coast is a signature Middle School student exchange program in partnership with the French American School of Rhode Island.  This year’s virtual exchange will be offered as an after school club Thursday’s at 4:00pm. Coast to Coast
For more information and to register please contact Andrew Ericson,

Sign up for Parent -Teacher Conferences

2ND SESSION : 2 pm – 5 pm
  • Tuesday October 27th – Please click here to sign up for a 10min meeting with:
    • Andrew Ericson (US Science 6th/7th/8th)
    • Marion Addo (French Language Arts 7th/8th)
    • Nicolas Giot (French Math  6th/7th/8th)
    • Cara Mitchell (English Language Arts 7th/8th)
  • Wednesday October 28th – Please click here to sign up for a 10min meeting with :
    • Julie Ducloux (French Science  6th/7th/8th)
  • Thursday October 29th – Please click here to sign up for a 10min meeting with:
    • Olivier Prud’homme (History and Geography 6th/7th/8th)
    • Barbara Regan (English Language Arts 6th)
    • Sylvie Toudic (French Language Arts 6th/7th)
    • Suneeta Cohen (Spanish 6th/7th/8th)
    • Yuriko Patino (Spanish 6th/7th/8th)

Links to teachers’ Zoom rooms will be shared directly by the teachers. 

High School Placement

Please contact Erin Stoller, High School Placement Counselor/SEL Advisor at for questions regarding high school placement. Message from Erin Stoller, HS Placement Counselor

Meet Erin Stoller here by video.

Letter from Erin Stoller – Update #8 – October 16th

Important dates (see links in the Update Letter)

  • Choice Application Window – October 5th – November 16th
  • Mission Bay High School –
    • Tour #2 – Thursday, October 29 from 9:00 – 10:00 am
  • La Jolla High School – Tuesday, October 27 – 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. 


For questions related to the library, please contact Anne Ricart, Librarian,

New Books


Here is a new resource to help your students build up their language skills in French, English, Spanish (and more!) while playing fun progressive games:
login: sdfas1
password: ocean

Online library catalogue

Exciting news! The library catalog is now accessible online: library catalog.
In order to reserve books for your children, you will need a login and a pin. Send an email including your first and last names as well as your email address to, and Anne Ricart will create them for you.
Make your reservations (limited to 5 items) by Sunday evening. Pick up and returns will take place at the breezeway gate on Tuesdays from 8:45 am to 9:30 am.
More information on the library webpage.

SDFAS Apparel

Order Required Red Polo and Navy Blue T-Shirt and other Spirit Wear

There is no school uniform at SDFAS; however, the school does have a Dress Code, as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook. For the 2020/21 school year, we are excited to partner, again, with Land’s End, a provider of high-quality school clothing and spirit wear.

  • All Preschool students must wear their red polo during field trips and school events.
  • All students from Grade 1 through 5 must wear a red polo during field trips and school events and a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.
  • All students Grade 5 through 8 must wear a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.

Here is the Land’s End SDFAS webpage (900190869) where you will order:

  • A red polo with the SDFAS logo (required for grades PK0 through 5) 
  • A navy-blue PE t-shirt with the SDFAS logo (required for grades 1 through 8). The school will reimburse one navy-blue PE t-shirt per child if purchased before September 30th.  Your FACTs tuition account will be credited in October.  

More Info here. Please remember to label your child’s clothing and personal belongings.



Consult our Covid-19 webpage at any time to see our most recent updates.

Girard Gourmet

October MenuPlease register here.

Girard Gourmet welcomes feedback. For suggestions and more information, contact Jesus or Diana at Girard Gourmet, (858) 454-3325 or by email at

School Calendar

Individual and Class Pictures

Individual and Class K-8 Pictures with Lifetouch
Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 and Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
Make-up day: Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 (no retake this year)
PK0, PK1 and PK2 pictures by Alexandra Borbolla
January 11th – January 12th – January 13th

Back to School Presentations

Natalie Thorpe Vesna Hunt PK0 (Vesna)

Natalie Thorpe Emilie Ballivy PK1 (Emilie)

Natalie Thorpe Gladys Guesnard PK1 (Gladys)

Natalie Thorpe Cindy Sierra PK1/PK2 (Cindy)

Natalie Thorpe Gaelle Deriot PK2 (Gaelle)

Natalie Thorpe Pauline Dubeaux PK2 (Pauline)

Natalie Thorpe Stephanie Pinel PK2 (Stephanie)

Alexandra Lette – Distance Learning

Kelly Daniel  Anne Ferton and Laurette Reinhardt – Kindergarten

1st Grade – Birka Nielsen – Claire Selva – Elisabeth Perdereau

2nd Grade – Caroline Dumas – Violaine Esteve – Sarah Le Boyer

3rd Grade

4th grade

5th Grade

6th Grade
7th Grade 8th Grade
You can find here the general information shared during the Middle School Back to School Night.

Parent Webinars by Mark Rosenblum, Headmaster – SDFAS Reopening Overview

Video of the First Day of School 2020 in 1st grade

Drop-off and Pick-up Protocols

In order for traffic to be more fluid, we encourage parents to pick up their child without exiting their car.  Please display the provided sign with your child’s name and grade on your car dashboard during pick-up to be visible to the staff. Drop-off and Pick-up Protocols

School Supplies

SDFAS is happy to partner with School Tool Box, for Grades 1 through 8, a service that allows you to do school supply shopping from home! Students will receive quality, name brand supplies that match their school supply list shipped directly home. Not only that, one meal is donated to Feed My Starving Children for every box ordered. It’s easy, visit School Tool Box, select your child’s grade, remove any items you already have, and purchase the rest. If you order supplies online, consider supporting the school by using Amazon Smile and Mabel’s Labels (San Diego French-American School (La Jolla)) to purchase name tags to label your child’s belongings! 

Sign in/Sign out in Preschool

Sign in Procedure with Procare App

Emergency Contact and Pick Up Authorization Update

To update Emergency Contacts and Pick-up contacts, please go to FACTS.

  • Go to your Family Portal
  • In the menu on the left: Select the “Family” drop-down
  • Click “Family Home”
  • Within the “Contact Info” click the edit pencil to update “Emergency Contacts” and “Transportation (Pick-up) Contacts”.
  • You may add as many “Transportation (Pick-up) Contacts” as necessary.

Preschool and K  & Medical Forms

  • PK0 New Student Medical Packet Including: Emergency Information Form, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Child’s Pre-admission Health History – Parents Report, Physicians Report, Notification of Parents’ Rights, Acknowledgment of receipt of the Personal Rights, Parent consent for Administration of Medications, and Medication Chart, A copy of the student’s immunizations, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parents to keep)
  • PK1 Potty Training Policy PK1 and PK2 New Student Medical Packet Including: Identification & Emergency information, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Childs pre-admission Health History Parent‘s report, Physician Report, Notification of Parents Rights, Acknowledgement of Receipt of Personal Rights, Parent consent for Administration of Medications And Medication Chart, A copy of the student’s immunizations, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, SDFAS Potty Training Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parents to keep)
  • Kindergarten New Student Medical Packet Including: A Copy of Student’s Immunizations, Parent consent for Administration of Medications And Medication Chart, Report of medical examination for school entry, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parent’s to keep)
  • Guide to Immunizations – Physician’s Report – Proof of immunization and vaccines must be on file by the first day of the school year. As required by law, a child will not be allowed to attend school if these records are not on file.
  • Food Allergy Action Plan

K-8  & Medical Forms

  • 1st Grade: A School Entry Health Checkup is required for all incoming 1st graders.
  • 7th Grade: Please be reminded that all incoming 7th graders must have their whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination before school starts.
  • Immunization Records for New Students: Proof of immunization and vaccines must be on file by the first day of the school year. As required by law, a child will not be allowed to attend school if these records are not on file.
  • Food Allergy Action Plan
  • Guide to Immunizations 

Yearbook 2019-2020

The printing and delivery of the 2019 -2020 Yearbook were delayed due to circumstances related to COVID.  Our publishers’ facilities are operating at a greatly reduced capacity which has significantly impacted their production schedule.  We are in regular communication with them.  We anticipate a delivery late fall and will update the community with specifics as soon as they are available.  Please contact our Yearbook advisor Andrew Ericson,, with any questions.  Thank you for your patience.

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