Elementary School Latest Announcements

Contact Francis Carlier, our Elementary School Director fcarlier@sdfrenchschool.org with questions.

Book Fair

  • February 10th to February 13th
  • Cultivate your family’s love of reading by stocking up on new books in French and English. The fair will begin Monday and take place before and after school each day. Proceeds fund our school and class libraries.
  • We still need volunteers to help out during the morning shifts: Book Fair Volunteers.

Mardi Gras

  • February 25th
  • Wear purple, gold and green.

Coral Bleaching Awareness Day – LIVE Club

  • February 28th
  • Wear white and gray

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1st Grade Announcements:

2nd Grade Announcements:

2nd Grade Speaker

  • February 11th
  • As part of our current social studies unit, Frédéric Fournier will highlight the evolution of transportation from the time of our great-grandparents to the present day.

3rd Grade Announcements:

3rd and 6th Grade Timeline Presentation  

  • February 14th
  • Présentation d’une frise chronologique géante réalisée par les CE2 et les 6èmes.
  • Parents will be invited by the Middle school teachers for the timeline presentation.

3rd Grade Forum

  • February 27th
  • Parents are invited!

3rd Grade Yoga

  • February 28th
  • Students will enjoy a 45-minute yoga class with a professional instructor in the auditorium.

4th Grade Announcements:

5th Grade Announcements:

5th Grade Star Party

  • February 25th – 5:15 pm – Blacktop
  • Student attendance is required as this activity is part of our unit on the Universe. An exciting opportunity to interact with astronomers…
  • Reminder: The 5th Grade Star Party is a “students-only” experience.

5th and 6th Graders

  • After break, students will work on a collaborative project and use their modelization skills to imagine and to create public transportation of the future.

Zen Garden      

  • The Zen garden is almost complete: we received the fountain and the bench.  The 5th graders (in charge of the project last year) will write a text presenting how this space should be used. 


Contact Francis Carlier, our Elementary School Director fcarlier@sdfrenchschool.org with questions.