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  Monday, February 18, 2019

100 Days in 1st Grade

By Francis Carlier

The First Grade classes celebrated 100 days of school on February 15! To commemorate the achievement, all three classes participated in a variety of activities in French and English dealing with the number 100.
Their first project at home to was to make a collection of 100 and bring it to school. Students were so creative and artistic! They made collections of 100 legos, bows, and pennies. There were 100 unicorns, flags and chocolates!
Students all dressed in a color of the rainbow, worked together in groups to write the number 100 using their bodies and even observed 100 seconds of silence.
With the theme of 100, the students had sports where they jump roped 100 times, did 100 summersaults, took 100 “ant” steps and played leap frog, hopping 100 times!
The students worked on 100 math problems and created a variety of 100 projects such as: building with 100 legos, making necklaces using 100 fruit loops, tying 100 ribbons and creating 100 tissue paper flowers.
The whole school got involved during recess when our first graders had to collect 100 names.
 Congratulations to all our students on completing 100 days of school!
-Birka, Claire, Violaine & Elisabeth-
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