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  Thursday, November 19, 2020

Alebrije Project 4th Grade

By Francis Carlier

4th graders have learned about a popular Mexican folk art called Alebrijes, which originate from the dreams of a man named Pedro Linares in the early 1900s. He used these animal-like creatures to create a new type of art out of cardboard to sell. His creatures were not very popular with the general public until another man named Manuel Jimenez came along. He made them more colorful and a little less scary while also changing the material to carved wood.

The students have read an article, watched a video, and seen photo examples of Alebrijes in English (along with some Spanish!). They designed and created their own. They drew their Alebrije and wrote descriptive sentences about it in English. The next step was to create one in 3D that represents their drawing and writing. And the final step was to present their 3D Alebrije to their classmates using their French oral language skills.

Cathleen Anderson & Sylvia Aka

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Emilie BALLIVY says:

Great project! Bravo!

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