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  Monday, May 22, 2017

An Experience from India

By Francis Carlier

During the April break Mr. Parello, the 5th grade English teacher, travelled to the town of Bhavnagar in the state of Gujarat, India.  He went to visit the Shaishav program, a child rights program that runs community schools in the town and aims to fight child labor by improving access to education. Shaishav facilitates child directed meetings where the children discuss such issues as gender equality and understanding between the local Hindu and Muslim communities.  In early April, the 5th grade students took photos of themselves to show their lives at SDFAS.  Mr. Parello brought the photos to Bhavnagar and showed them to the students in the Shaishav program, then distributed cameras so that the children there could take photos of their lives to send to the students at SDFAS.  Both before and after the voyage, the 5th grade students have used the exchange project with the Shaishav program to discuss a variety of issues, particularly the common interests enjoyed by children everywhere in the world.  The 5th grade class adapted a lesson used in the Shaishav program to promote unity between members of different religions, and used it as a starting point for discussing the treatment of difference in our own society.  Students will continue using the photos as a starting point for writing and discussion during this period.


Dorian and Julien show themselves hard at work in class


Elisabeth shows her interest in science


Mr. Parello with students at a community school in Bhavnagar


Students from Bhavnagar do some homework in the park

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