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  Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Building Bridges

By Francis Carlier

On Thursday, October 12th, the 5th grade and 7th grade classes met for a series of activities.  These activities were designed to build connections between the students of both grades in order to prepare 5th graders for the transition to middle school and foster friendship between the students of both classes.  As an icebreaker, groups of three and four played “two truths and a lie,” where the other participants had to guess which statements that the others told about themselves were true and which ones were false. After the icebreaker, the students switched groups, and the 5th grade students asked the 7th graders questions about life in middle school.  it is the hope that the 5th graders and 7th graders can use this introduction to each other as the starting point for a continued connection when both classes are together in middle school.

Emmanuel Parello, Julien Moncelet

IMG_4890 IMG_4889

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