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  Friday, October 2, 2020

Hopes and Dreams

By Francis Carlier

In order for class work to run smoothly, it is customary to establish the classroom rules for the school year. Some teachers use to present these rules to the students. 

At SDFAS, it is the students themselves who develop these rules under the guidance of the teacher. This is an important aspect of the “Responsive Classroom” program. Students begin with a very simple activity: “Hopes and Dreams”, which they hope for for the coming school year. They work on their writing, review or discover vocabulary and then shape their “Hopes and Dreams”.

The whole is displayed in the classroom and gives rise to another reflection: how to achieve these hopes and dreams? From then on, the whole class reflects on the organization necessary to promote the goals they have set for themselves. This is how the students, little by little, formulate the rules of the class.

All of this work remains posted throughout the year for reminders and the reasons that led to the development of a rule. This is how we promote intrinsic respect for the rules.

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