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  Monday, October 19, 2015

Students Delegates 2015 – 2016

By Francis Carlier

1st grade A: Maxim Lyakov and Claire Rebeiz

1st grade B: Evan Rudden and Keira Gallagher

2nd grade A: Mahé Margarot Fabre and Olivia Brennan

2nd grade B: Zachary Wood and Sebastian Brachet

3rd grade A: Jacob Reineck and Molly McAuliffe

3rd grade B: Fay Awad and Titouan Ferton

4th grade A: Ulysse Bago and Emeraude Westlake

4th grade B: Nathalie Garcia Soto and Dorian Pauillac

5th grade A: Adrien Cousin and Eva Reineck

5th grade B: Julia Reed and Nicolas Redon

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