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  Thursday, November 21, 2019

Maintaining Connections

By Francis Carlier

We were happy to welcome Sylvie Jarlov, former Pre-elementary director, and Christian Jarlov, former HOS, to visit our campus this week.

As part of our community, maintaining a strong connection with the Jarlov’s is our privilege. They helped build upon the foundation laid by André and Chandra Bordes and continued us on the trajectory of a thriving bilingual school. They know and love many of our students. They were key in the development of building our identity and are part of who we are today.

They were ahead of the trend and offered “the mindfulness program” that we continue to grow as we implement the SEL program with Responsive Classroom. Their legacy lives on as we continue with a holistic approach to education, work in our gardens, play the musical instruments outside, and marvel in the butterfly garden.

During their visit the Jarlov’s discovered the mindful ¨zen zones ̈ within our classrooms and they even participated in a coding activity in our new Innovation Lab here on campus. The 3rd graders took this opportunity to share a poem with them.




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