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  Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Number Race / La course aux nombres

By Francis Carlier

The Number Race is à “Quick and Thoughtful Mental Calculation Tournament” for 5th to 10th grade students in France and students from 4th to 10th grade from the AEFE network (552 schools all over the world in 2022).

The Goal is to practice mental and reflective calculation in order to promote the knowledge of numbers, train students to organize their calculations, cultivate initiative and speed in a time limit test.

Students have to answer 30 questions in 10 minutes. Only students who have more than 27 correct answers are considered as “champions” and get the chance to participate in the second round of the contest.

We are happy and proud to have three finalists (two in 4th grade and one in 5th grade) who will attend the last round in May.


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