Enrichment and Lunch Programs

To register or obtain more information about Extended Care, Study Hall, and After School Programs, please log on to the SDFAS website, under Enrichment. Online registration will be soon available.



For more information contact, Valérie Asensio: vasensio@sdfrenchschool.org

Middle School Clubs, specific to the Middle School co-curriculum are provided on a yearly basis to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Communication is handled by the Middle School Director, Bénédicte Brouder.


 Hot Lunch from Girard Gourmet

The hot lunch program begins on the first day of school. Children may also bring their own lunch. There is no microwave available for student use and no beverages are provided. There are filtered water fountains avail- able throughout the campus. Only pre-elementary school children are provided with a snack. If your child takes hot lunch or brings lunch, please send a snack and beverage. If your child is registered with the hot lunch program, a sack lunch will be provided for field trips. No lunch is provided for parent chaperones.


To register or find additional information about SDFAS hot lunch program, please log on to the SDFAS web- site. All information pertaining to student lunches can be found under Enrichment.