After-School Activities

After-School Activities

We invite you to peruse the wide array of extra-curricular activities SDFAS typically offers in a normal year without Covid-19 constraints. To do so, please click here or the orange button above.

The school normally offers two ASA sessions during the academic year:

  • Fall session:  September – January (online registration starting mid-August)
  • Spring session:  February – June (online registration in January)

All payments are made to SDFAS and billed through FACTs (except for the French Conservatory of Music program). When registering, parents must read and accept the SDFAS “ASA Terms & Conditions” to complete the process.

The school reserves the right to cancel or postpone an ASA class due to insufficient enrollment interest.

For more information, please contact Ariel Arsac-Ellison (

(858) 456 2807 ext. 307