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Morning Care, Extended Care, After School and Camps

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Morning Care

We are now offering morning care from 8:00 to 8:30 am from Sept 20th to the families that have an immediate need for it. Please register for Moning Care by clicking here.


Extended Care


Please register for Extended Care by clicking here.

COVID-19 Pre-K Extended Care

Extended Care is optional and is designed to enrich the student experience during time spent on campus outside of school hours. With the children’s well-being always in mind, we provide a stimulating, safe and secure environment.

At present, in adherence with COVID-19 protocols, SDFAS is only able to offer afternoon extended care in Preschool (PK0, PK1 & PK2) until 5:30 pm (we also offer for K-Grade 8 until 5:30 pm). Limited spaces are available. Priority will be given to families where both parents are working. 

Cost of Extended Care Program

Our Extended Care Plan (Annual): $1800 and charged through your FACTS tuition account.  Families with other sibling(s) signed up for extended care will receive a 15% discount. Extended Care runs until 5:30 pm.

This plan does not include Fall, Winter, and Spring vacation camps.

Late Fees: $5 a minute after scheduled pick-up time.

In the event the school needs to close the campus for a period of time, any extended care services unable to be provided will be credited on a pro-rata basis.


Afternoon Extended Care – Preschool Pick-Up Procedure

Your child will only be released to a legally authorized person listed in your FACTS account profile. If you need to add an additional person to the list, please update your FACTS account and contact Babeth Esterly for Preschool (besterly@sdfrenchschool.org). The person picking up the student must be prepared to show ID.  To sign out (required by state law) please use your personal Procare/Kinderlime code on the iPads provided by the school. 

NOTE: Pick up for extended care and study hall is done via PRE-K gate.  


After School

Return of After School Activities

We are thrilled to announce the return of After School Activities (ASA) on campus! Our ASA program has been designed to enrich students’ classroom learning and is connected to real-world experiences and skills. We offer both in-person and remote options. (In-person activities are organized by student cohort until further notice.)

If you have signed up for Extended Care you will receive a 10% discount on the after-school activity of your choice. It’s simple to sign up: Registration is through our dedicated website (see below) and payment via FACTS — we will apply the discount then.

NOTE: Limited Availability! Sign up by Monday, Sept 6th. Classes that reach the minimum number of students will start on Sept 13th.

Please click HERE to register for After School Activities.


  • Please register for After-Schol STUDY HALL by clicking here.
  • To learn more about After School Activities and register, please click here.

The school normally offers two ASA sessions during the academic year:

  • Fall session:  September – January (online registration starting mid-August)
  • Spring session:  February – June (online registration in January)

All payments are made to SDFAS and billed through FACTs (except for the French Conservatory of Music program if this program continues at SDFAS). When registering, parents must read and accept the SDFAS “ASA Terms & Conditions” to complete the process.

The school reserves the right to cancel or postpone an ASA class due to insufficient enrollment interest.



Summer Camps

For all information on Summer Camps please visit our customer website here next semester. 

Vacation Camps

An excellent alternative for working parents, SDFAS offers vacation camps during the school year! Our vacation camps provide children with additional opportunities for bilingual fun through participation in diverse and engaging activities.

Vacation camp dates for 2021-20211

  • October Break: 5 days,  M-F 
  • February Break:  5 days,  M-F 
  • April Break:  5 days, M-F 

Essential information

  • For whom? Open to Pre-K and Kindergarten students (PK0 – K).
  • How many days per week?  5 days a week Monday – Friday.
  • Start and end times? Cohorts start at their regularly scheduled time. Schedules will be sent after registration closes.
  • Is before or after-care available? Regrettably not this year (due to COVID-19 constraints).
Registration Information: SOON


During vacation break camps no lunch is provided. Campers must come with their own packed lunch (and snack) each day.

What to bring?

All children:

  • Snacks and/or lunch, drinks if other than water.
  • Sun protection and hat. Please apply sunscreen before coming to camp.
  • Medication, if needed, with directions and authorization form.

In addition, for Preschool campers (2-4 years old):

  • Blanket, sheets, pillow, and pillowcase (or a sleeping bag) for nap time.
  • A soft comfort toy, if needed.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation up to a week prior to a camp’s start date incurs $50 cancelation fee per child. In the event, a cancellation occurs after a session has begun, no refund is possible. Sick days are refunded if a note from the family physician, pediatrician or primary care doctor is provided. SDFAS reserves the right to combine or cancel camps if a minimum of 3 registered children (per cohort) is not met.


For further information, please contact:

Paula Marra – pmarra@sdfrenchschool.org