The International Language School

The International Language School at SDFAS is designed to give students of all ages and various levels the opportunity to become acquainted with another language and its culture. We offer a specific language to choose from for native and non-native speakers, such as French, Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish.

Classes for native and non-native speakers will focus on improving oral and written skills. For those learning a new language, oral and conversational skills will be emphasized.

The instructor/student ratio is very small, normally 1:8.

Learning another language opens doors to more opportunities and gives young students the advantage of learning or improving another language before high school.

For all classes instructors may vary.

French for Ages 6-14 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Click HERE to register.

French Adults classes beginner, intermediate, advanced levels.  Click HERE to register.

French CNED, AP French prep contact

Spanish for Ages 5-9 on Tuesday. Click HERE to register.

Italian for Ages 6 and up on Monday. Click HERE to register. Italian American Academy (IAA) at (619) 537 9977

Mandarin for Ages 3 and up on Tuesday or Thursday. Click HERE to register. For Saturday contact All About Mandarin Academy (AAMA) at (858) 678 8801 www.AAMAUS.COM Click HERE for more information.

German for Ages 3 to 14 on Saturday. Contact Wiebke at (858) 461 9118. Click HERE for more information.


If you have any questions please send an email to