The French Conservatory of Music

Bringing over 90 years of expertise in music education, the French Conservatory of Music offers private music instruction at SDFAS, to students, parents and the general public:

  • Accepting students age 4+ (adult program also available) for private classes
  • Accepting students age 7-15 for the Orchestra
  • Rigorous curriculum including instrumental studies and music theory.
  • Acquisition of skills and techniques necessary to reach full freedom of artistic expression.
  • Highly trained and experienced educational team selected by the French Conservatory of Music.
  • Annual musical examinations.
  • Diplomas delivered by Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris.
  • Best structure and training for aspiring musicians to prepare for university and superior schools auditions, international competitions and musical careers.




For Students 7-15 years old, Strings-Woodwinds-Brass-Music Theory

Orchestra Ensemble on Mondays & Wednesdays from  5:00-6:00 pm.


Yearly contract 

Individual class:

30 min ($ 50.00)           45 min ($70.00)            60 min ($90.00)

Trimester contract 

Individual class:

30 min ($ 60.00)           45 min ($80.00)            60 min ($100.00)

Orchestra Group classes:

Monday & Wednesday 60 min each class, 2 classes/week ($75/week)

Contracts are payable by check directly to the French Conservatory of Music

The French Conservatory program is independant from the SDFAS after school program.  Rules, policies and schedule may differ from the SDFAS ASA program. Billing, technical support and administration are all handled directly by the French Conservatory.

To reserve your spot and for more information please contact Skander at the French Conservatory of Music at or  Tel: (310) 734 7881