Have A Wonderful Summer

Have A Wonderful Summer

Dear SDFAS Community

Last gift from the students who worked very hard on this project and won the AEFE dance project (French American schools network).

Enjoy this wonderful video, so San Diego, so SDFAS, so Our Children !


Black History Month

Black history is American history, but Black History Month provides the necessary opportunity to dig deeper. This February, we supported students as they learned more, discovered cultural impacts, and followed movements through to the present day. In the classroom we also celebrated and recognized the accomplishments and contributions Black Americans have made for our society. Our goal is to prepare our students to become world citizens who recognize the accomplishments of others with open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity to impart integrity and empathy along the way.

Fire alarm drill

Even in times of Covid19, welcoming students to the school campus means ensuring everyone’s safety. In order to teach students the essential actions in the event of an incident, it is essential to practice regular training sessions, while respecting the rules of distancing. Our fire alarm drill went off perfectly with all of the students safe on the field in less than five minutes. Congratulations to everybody !

Hopes and Dreams

In order for class work to run smoothly, it is customary to establish the classroom rules for the school year. Some teachers use to present these rules to the students. 

At SDFAS, it is the students themselves who develop these rules under the guidance of the teacher. This is an important aspect of the “Responsive Classroom” program. Students begin with a very simple activity: “Hopes and Dreams”, which they hope for for the coming school year. They work on their writing, review or discover vocabulary and then shape their “Hopes and Dreams”.

The whole is displayed in the classroom and gives rise to another reflection: how to achieve these hopes and dreams? From then on, the whole class reflects on the organization necessary to promote the goals they have set for themselves. This is how the students, little by little, formulate the rules of the class.

All of this work remains posted throughout the year for reminders and the reasons that led to the development of a rule. This is how we promote intrinsic respect for the rules.

Inside and Outside

Our new campus welcomes students by allowing regulatory distancing between students during class. The California Department of Public Health also recommends that we organize outdoor activities when possible.

The teachers therefore do not hesitate to work in groups and allow the students to take advantage of our outdoor spaces. Likewise, other spaces have been set up on the ground to accommodate a class.

This flexibility allows all students to continue to enjoy school while respecting the constraints associated with this special situation.

Back to school on campus and from home

Since the beginning of the school year, SDFAS has safely welcomed students on campus, but also stayed connected with students that are distance learning from home. In order to establish and maintain a social and emotional connection for all students, each school day begins and ends with a short and engaging meeting. The students appreciate and look forward to the opportunity to greet each other, share something they care about, participate in a fun activity, and also hear a positive and motivational message for that day.

Project based learning

Project based learning allows students to work with a purpose and to use their skills in real life situations. After the 5th graders measured the area of artificial grass needed, the order was made. The facility team is working hard to install everything. The result already looks clean and beautiful.

4th graders have been working with Jacob Johnston during art class. After a step by step process, the result has been presented in front of the school. These additional touch of color welcomes everybody to SDFAS.

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SDFAS Makes History at the Kiwanis Junior Olympics

On Sunday, May 21, the 26th Kiwanis Junior Olympics took place at La Jolla High School. 1000 students from Bird Rock Elementary, Torrey Pines Elementary, La Jolla Elementary, The Gilisippe School, The Evans School, Stella Maris Academy, The Children’s School, All Hallows Academy, and SDFAS competed in this annual track & field event.

The all-day event started at 8:00 am, as students ages 5 to 12 competed in the 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, Long Jump, Softball Throw, and Obstacle Course.

At 11:30 am each school’s 4 x 100 m relay team took the track to see who would take home the Gold. Each relay team (girls and boys) are made up of one 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, and 11 year old.

Representing SDFAS for the girls was Norah Zadeyan, Mimi Rebeiz, Victoria DuRoure, and Tahlia Zadeyan. The girls team ran a strong race, finishing in 4th place overall.

For the boys, Andre Guizar, Gustav Westlake, Dorian Pauillac, and Nicola Redon made SDFAS History by becoming the first relay team to finish in FIRST PLACE. It was an outstanding performance with supersonic speeds and flawless baton handoffs. The team also made Kiwanis Junior Olympics history to be the first team in 26 years to beat BOTH Bird Rock Elementary and Torrey Pines Elementary, the reigning champions. Congratulations!

At the conclusion of the Junior Olympics, each school sends their chosen runner to race in the 400 m “Fastest Girl” and “Fastest Boy” race. For her 2nd consecutive year, the multi-talented Tahlia Zadeyan represented SDFAS, and finished the race as the 4th fastest girl in all of La Jolla.

On the boys side, John Guckian, the returning 2016 “Fastest Boy” champion, defended his title for the 2nd consecutive year. John’s hard work, composure, and confidence made him the ONLY boy in Kiwanis Junior Olympic history to win this prestigious title 2 years in a row. Amazing!

Andre Guizar (7), Nicola Redon (11), Dorian Pauillac (10), and Gustav Westlake (8) make SDFAS and Kiwanis History by placing FIRST in the  4 x 100 m.

Andre Guizar (7), Nicola Redon (11), Dorian Pauillac (10), and Gustav Westlake (8) make SDFAS and Kiwanis History by placing FIRST in the 4 x 100 m.

John Guckian receives his medal as the Fastest Boy in La Jolla 2 years in a row.

John Guckian receives his medal as the Fastest Boy in La Jolla 2 years in a row.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this fun-filled exciting day!

Todd Wirths Presentation to 2nd graders

2nd graders have learned about the progression of organism and animal development based on the fossils found around the world. Todd Wirths (Annabelle’s father) also showed videos on how a paleontologist does his job at construction sites. Students realized the importance of observing areas being dug up in case there is an important fossil in the ground! We can learn so much about the past from fossils!

A big thank you to Todd Wirths!

Présentation 1 Présentation 9 Présentation 8 Présentation 3

Art Fair

Congratulations to the young artists who participated to the Art Fair this week!

For those of you who could not visit, here is an overview of the exhibit and the pieces presented by the Elementary students and some PK or Kindergarten students. (click on the picture to enlarge)