Food Allergy Action Plan

Download Food Allergy Action Plan here


San Diego French American School – License # 376700274 

The facility will be providing the following IMS: 

  • Epipen 
  • Epipen JR 
  • Nebulizer 
  • Inhaler Medication 
  • Blood Glucose Test 

The child’s parents needing service will train the director, the lead teacher, the assistant and the extended care manager. 

The staff will receive yearly training or every time receiving new medication. 

The physician instructions will be updated yearly or when receiving new medication. 

At least one trained staff member is present when children requiring IMS service is on site. 

Medication will be stored in the original package with unaltered label. Parent’s written consent to administer medication according to IMS as well as physician instructions will be stored with the medication. 

Medication and supplies will be stored in the preschool first aid high cabinet, inaccessible for children, outside classroom P1 

During Field trip the lead teacher will carry the medication and physician instructions in a back pack in case of need. 

In case of a disaster that requires relocation of the students, the lead teacher will carry the medication and physician instructions in a back pack in case of need. 

Staff safety precaution: Staff will always wear gloves during any procedure or administration of medicine. They will perform hand hygiene immediately after removal and disposal of gloves and disposal of used instruments in approved containers 

Anytime an incidental medical service will be provided, parents will be informed immediately after the service is provided via a phone call. A report of service provided will be kept in the child’s medical file in the office. 

Anytime a serious incident requiring medical treatment occurs, the licensing department will be called at 619-767-2248 within 24hrs of the incident. Furthermore, form LIC 624 will be submitted to the licensing department within 7 days.