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Organic Lice Guru 

In the past, our staff did regular lice checks on students. From now on Organic Lice Guru will perform a one by one student lice screening on campus after all main breaks.

  • If your child is found with lice, you have the choice to:
    •  pick him/her up from school and perform treatment yourself, or hire Organic Lice Guru or another company to help you eradicate the lice and get rid of all nits
    • give consent for treatment at school by the Organic Lice Guru company (fee applies)

Please check your child prior to return to school on Monday and repeat often. It takes the all school community commitment to insure a lice free environment for our children.

For more information on this company, please visit their Website:

Yelp: ALL five-star reviews

From the California Department of Public Health:

Information on Lice

Parent’s Guide to Head Lice Brochure