High School French

French for High School students

How do SDFAS students (or other English-French bilinguals in San Diego) maintain and further develop their French language and literacy skills after graduating from 8th grade?  Is there a way for them to further enrich their knowledge and understanding of culture and society through coursework in French? Read below to learn more about French for High School programming at SDFAS.

French Literature Courses for HS students

  • Grade 9:  Continuing French I (Language & Literature)
  • Grade 10, 11 & 12:  Continuing French II (Advanced Literature)

Other Courses Taught in French for HS students

  • Grade 9:  Mathématiques 
  • Grade 9:  Histoire-Géographie

AP French Test Prep

  • Grade 9 – 12:  Advanced Placement French “Boot Camp” (January – May)

French National Center for Distance Education (CNED courses) 

CNED courses are distance learning courses that follow the curriculum of the French Ministry of Education and are designed for learners to follow autonomously either on their own or with varying degrees of support from a parent, teacher or tutor. The school is available to talk through options with interested students or alumna. Click here for a list of CNED distancing learning offerings and then here to register for an à la carte CNED course.

Café des idées” seminar (students & parents)

Once-weekly late afternoon/early evening Zoom seminar designed for students and parents to learn together with a master SDFAS educator. The “Café des idées” format allows for intellectual exploration of any number of topics worthy of our time. Domains explored include philosophy, literature, poetry, photography, music, dance, theatre, art, technology, geography, history, travel and other cultural phenomena from around the world.

For further information, please contact:  Marion Addo, MS coordinator:  maddo@sdfrenchschool.org