In Case You Missed It (2021/22)

School Supplies

Information on school supplies for all grades can be accessed by clicking here.


  • The 2021-22 School Calendar is available on our website here.
  • Please click here for the 2021-22 Students Calendar.


In the interest of student security, exact bus pick-up and drop-off addresses will NO LONGER be posted on the school website. If you did not receive the August 4 communication with the exact locations please contact our Office Manager, Stephanie Humbert, at or at (858) 456 2807 (ext.301).

Please note. For 2021/22:

  • NO individual tickets for occasional riders (Unless COVID conditions improve)
  • MANDATORY assigned seating
  • Masks are mandatory for all riders at all times regardless of vaccination status

More information on school transportation — including, routes, cost, and pick-up and drop-off times — is available here.

Curriculum videos 

Back to School Events: September/October

We encourage you to subscribe to the events calendar to receive automatic reminders.

  • Sunset with SDFAS, Sept. 10 – Postponed due to the Delta variant until further notice
  • All Saturday monthly hikes have also been placed on hold until further notice.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences in mid-October are anticipated to be virtual.

Changed School Hours for 2021/22 !!!

It is important to note that daily START and END times have changed as we emerge from Covid and continue to develop the school’s programs toward even greater degrees of excellence, for example, to properly accommodate the expansion of our Spanish-third-language program for all students school-wide. Please take careful note the school day is now slightly longer in Elementary and Middle School.

Minimum days end at: K-PK: 11:45 | Grades 1-2: 11:30 | Grades 3-5:  11:45 | Grades 6-8: 11:40

Please click here to view a grade-by-grade summary table

Grade Drop Off  Class Starts Class Ends &  Pick Up AM Drop-Off and PM Pick-Up Location
PK1 & PK2 8:15  8:30  2:45  Rear lot behind the PK building (no change)
PK0 8:30  8:45  3:00

(Extended Care will be offered. See 3rd bullet in the section below: “What has returned to normal post-Covid?”)

Rear lot behind the PK building (no change)
Kindergarten 8:15 8:30  3:00  Main upper entrance drop off / pick-up zone @6550 Soledad Mtn. Road
Grades 1-2 8:30   8:40  3:20  Main upper entrance drop off / pick-up zone @6550 Soledad Mtn. Road
Grades 3-5 8:15  8:30  3:15 Main upper entrance drop off / pick-up zone @6550 Soledad Mtn. Road
Middle School 7:55 




3:45-4:00 (M, W & Th)

3:00-3:15  (Tu & Fri)

Main upper entrance drop off / pick-up zone @6550 Soledad Mtn. Road

After School Activities and Extended Care

Return of After School Activities

We are thrilled to announce the return of After School Activities (ASA) on campus! Our ASA program has been designed to enrich students’ classroom learning and is connected to real-world experiences and skills. We offer both in-person and remote options. (In-person activities are organized by student cohort until further notice.)

If you have signed up for Extended Care you will receive a 10% discount on the after-school activity of your choice. It’s simple to sign up: Registration is through our dedicated website (see below) and payment via FACTS — we will apply the discount then.

Please click HERE to register for After School Activities.

Click here for more details


  • After-school Activities on campus are all anticipated to last one hour — and can begin at 3:15 pm, at 3:30 pm, or at 4:00 pm.
  • Extended Care for PK to Grade 8 will be offered at least until 5:30 pm. Please register for Extended Care by clicking here.
    Study Hall is back and will now be offered Monday – Friday! Please register for After-Schol STUDY HALL by clicking here.
  • French Conservatory of Music on-campus musical instrument lessons. It is unclear at this time this program will or will not continue. Updates to follow.
  • For Covid mitigation purposes, after-school activities, clubs, and electives will be offered to the greatest degree feasible to keep students within the same pre-established cohorts in which they operate during the regular school day for recess, lunch, breaks, and ESL/FLE language support classes. These cohorts are as follows:  PK0, PK1, PK2, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8.

Parent/Student Handbook

The 2021-22 Parent-Student handbook will be shared with the community as soon as revisions are complete. At that point, parents will be expected to acknowledge that they have read, understand, and agree to the handbook. More details to follow.

Lunch Service (Girard Gourmet)

Girard Gourmet delivers freshly made hot and cold food to the SDFAS campus. As in prior years, lunches are plated and served outdoors.

  • Registration and Cost for Fall 2021: Please visit the Girard Gourmet website here
  • Menu for August and September – Visit the menu page of the Girard Gourmet website.
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available
  • Girard Gourmet offers options for those with peanut, tree nut, dairy, and shellfish allergies.


This year we will continue to transition many of the required student health forms from paper to our electronic health record — “Magnus.” You will shortly receive an email from Magnus requesting you to log in and input health information for your student. More information? Please email

NOTE! No more daily Magnus symptom checking prior to AM arrival.

Covid Updates

This summer, the CDC and CDPH released new Covid-19 guidelines for the upcoming school year. We also all acknowledge the increased transmissibility and severity of the delta variant and its notable impact on children ages 0-9 and 10-19. A confirmed Delta trend of real concern was clearly discernible by the time July had ended. The delta variant of Covid-19 is more severe, spreads more easily, and has even been shown to infect fully vaccinated people. Because the majority of our population remains unvaccinated due to age limitations for available vaccines, our Covid -19 Risk Mitigation Plan for 2021/22 has been updated based on extensive research, consultation, and broad input for decision making. We have decided to pause certain in-person on-campus and off-campus School and Community Association events until the Covid-19 situation in our community improves.

For all the most up-to-date Covid information please visit our Covid page here.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up / Extended Care Hours

  • PK: Staggered via two different groupings. PK0 and PK1 entrance will be the main pre-school back gate (Rear parking lot gate) while the PK2 group will use the bus gate. 
  • K-8:  Staggered by division/grade level groups and to occur during designated time windows and ALL using the main upper lot drop off and pick up zone. The lower field lot will not be used in 2021/22.
  • Extended Care:
    • PK and K  until 5:30 pm.
    • Grade 1-8 until 5:30 pm.
    • No morning extended care.
  • Due to the Covid situation, we kindly ask that ONLY *ONE parent drop off their child (PKO, 1 and 2 ONLY).
  • *However, we will allow BOTH parents to drop off their child ONLY during the first week as we understand how emotional the first day (and week) is. (PKO, 1 and 2 ONLY)
  • All parents are reminded to wear masks even if vaccinated
  • No parents are allowed to stay on the PK playground
  • Drop-off in the class and pick up at the PK gate
  • Half-day students can have their lunch at school until 12:10 and pick up will be at the PK gate at 12:10 — see below:

For Kindergarten drop-off and pick-up: Parents of a Kindergarten student will drop their child off at the gate to the right of the main entrance next to the auditorium — see below:

Staffing Updates

Please join us in welcoming the following to the SDFAS family!

  • Catherine Boukhamla – Elementary & Middle School Science (French Program)
  • Emilie Bousquet – Middle School History-Geography (French Program)
  • Karin Brittain – Elementary School English Teacher (Maternity Leave Replacement)
  • Pauline Dubeaux – Preschool French Teacher
  • Britta Fischer – MS Teacher of Social Studies (English Program)/Lunch & Extended Care Staff
  • Youssef Hajir – Middle School Math (French Program)
  • Julianne Loly – Elementary School English Teacher
  • Paula Marra – Director of Enrichment Programs (now a Senior Leadership Team position)
  • Eve Mazuir – Elementary School French Teacher
  • Alexandra Mobley – Middle School Science (English Program). We are thrilled to announce the decision to maintain two separate English program teachers for Math and Science in grades 6-8. Alex will also take on a leadership and innovation role school-wide as the school’s first ever Sustainability Coordinator.
  • Carrie Vo – MS Math (English Program)
  • Audrey Monpays – Elementary School French Teacher
  • Bastien Monpays – Elementary School French Teacher
  • Camille Plantier – English Program Kindergarten teacher
  • Mayra Vazquez – Middle School Spanish & Spanish Curriculum Coordinator (PK-8)

Meet this year’s full academic team by clicking here!

All newly arriving faculty will complete the four-day Responsive Classroom® (RC) core course. SDFAS is poised to begin its third year of RC training and the ongoing deepening of RC practices school-wide. RC provides a common framework, consistent language, and best educational practices school-wide. RC means blending together social-emotional skill building with academic teaching and learning objectives in everything we do both inside and outside of the classroom. RC methodologies increase group cohesiveness, enhance everyone’s sense of belonging, and reinforce a safe and inclusive school environment for children and adults.

SDFAS Apparel

For all information on the school dress code please click here

Order Required Red Polo and Navy Blue T-Shirt and other Spirit Wear

There is no school uniform at SDFAS; however, the school does have a Dress Code, as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook. For the 2021/22 school year, we are excited to partner, again, with Land’s End, a provider of high-quality school clothing and spirit wear.

  • All Preschool and Elementary students must wear their red polo during field trips and school events.
  • All students from Grade 1 through 5 must wear a red polo during field trips and school events and a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.

Here is the Land’s End SDFAS webpage (900190869) where you will order:

  • Red polo with the SDFAS logo (required for grades PK0 through 5) 
  • Navy-blue PE t-shirt with the SDFAS logo (required for grades 1 through 5). The school will reimburse one navy-blue PE t-shirt per child if purchased before September 30th.  Your FACTs tuition account will be credited in October.  

More Information. Please visit our dedicated webpage available here.

Note! Please remember to label your child’s clothing and personal belongings.

Medical Forms

IMPORTANT! If you have not already, please complete the required documents below by August 26th!

Preschool and Kindergarten Students


Please email completed documents (see below) to Babeth Esterly, by August 26th.

PK0 New Student Medical Packet Including: Emergency Information Form, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Child’s pre-admission Health History – Parents Report, Physicians Report, Notification of Parents’ Rights, Acknowledgment of receipt of the Personal Rights, Parent consent for Administration of Medications, and Medication Chart, A copy of the student’s immunizations, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parents to keep)

PK1 Potty Training Policy

PK1 and PK2 New Student Medical Packet Including: Identification & Emergency information, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Child‘s pre-admission Health History – Parent‘s report, Physician Report, Notification of Parents Rights, Acknowledgement of Receipt of Personal Rights, Parent consent for Administration of Medications And Medication Chart, A copy of the student’s immunizations, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, SDFAS Potty Training Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parents to keep)

Kindergarten New Student Medical Packet Including: A Copy of Student’s Immunizations, Parent consent for Administration of Medications And Medication Chart, Report of medical examination for school entry, SDFAS Emergency Health Card, SDFAS Aggressive Behaviors and Biting Policy, Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (for parent’s to keep)

Guide to Immunizations – Physician’s Report – Proof of immunization and vaccines must be on file by the first day of the school year. As required by law, a child will not be allowed to attend school if these records are not on file.

Food Allergy Action Plan

Contact Babeth Esterly, if you have questions.

Grades 1 through 8


Please email the completed documents to Stéphanie Humbert by August 26th.

1st Grade: A School Entry Health Checkup is required for all incoming 1st graders.

7th Grade: Please be reminded that all incoming 7th graders must have their whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination before school starts.

Immunization Records for New Students: Proof of immunization and vaccines must be on file by the first day of the school year. As required by law, a child will not be allowed to attend school if these records are not on file.

Food Allergy Action Plan

Guide to Immunizations 

Contact Stéphanie Humbert if you have questions.

Emergency Contact Information 

To update Emergency Contacts and Pick-Up contacts, please use FACTS. 

  • Go to your Family Portal
  • In the menu on the left: Select the “Family” drop-down
  • Click “Family Home”
  • Within the “Contact Info” click the edit pencil to update “Emergency Contacts” and “Transportation (Pick-up) Contacts”.
  • You may add as many “Transportation (Pick-up) Contacts” as necessary. 

Don’t Forget …

School reading lists for Elementary and Middle School can be found here in the final Division Director update of last term’s ECHO. Picture Day will take place on Tuesday, October 5 this year with the retake on Tuesday, November 9 — more information to follow. For Library book and magazine subscriptions please click here. Information on the new location of the Bike Racks will be updated soon in this section.

Les Bourses Scolaires Françaises

Les familles disposant de faibles revenus peuvent demander à bénéficier d’une bourse scolaire pour leurs enfants français inscrits dans les établissements relevant de l’Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE) ou de la Mission laïque française (MLF).

Les bourses scolaires couvrent tout ou partie de la scolarité dans les établissements d’enseignements français à l’étranger. Elles sont octroyées chaque année en fonction de la situation financière et patrimoniale des familles et dans la limite du budget alloué au dispositif.

Les bourses sont versées directement à l’établissement scolaire, qui ajuste ensuite les frais de scolarité restant éventuellement à charge de la famille.

→ Campagne des bourses scolaires 2021-2022 – Phase 2 (premières demandes, révisions et renouvellements tardifs) : la date limite de dépôt des dossiers est fixée au vendredi 17 septembre 2021.

Pour tout complément d’information, veuillez consulter le site du consulat français de Los Angeles ou contacter Isabelle Gilet,


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