Middle School Latest Announcements

Contact Micheline Ghattas, our Middle School Director, mghattas@sdfrenchschool.org with questions.

NAIS Conference in Philadelphia

  • February 26-28
  • Mme. Ghattas will be representing SDFAS.

Coral Bleaching Awareness Day – LIVE Club

  • February 28th
  • Wear white and gray

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6th Grade Announcements: 

6th and 5th Graders

  • After break, students will work on a collaborative project and use their modeling skills to imagine and to create public transportation of the future.

6th and 3rd Graders

  • Collaborative and Interdisciplinary History, Geography & Math Timeline Project is currently underway. Parents and students will be invited to visit it after the break.

7th Grade Announcements:

Interdisciplinary Math and Art project is underway.

  • 7th graders design geometric tiles in Math and they will sculpt them with clay in Art to make a mosaic wall.

8th Grade Announcements:

8th Grade Community Cap and Gown Photos

  • March 19th – 9:30am
  • The cap and gown group pictures and individual pictures for the 8th graders.

8th Grade DELF B1 (Diplôme d’études en langue française) in the Spring

  • Sign up by January 8th
  • Exam Date: March 25th 
  • This will give them a certificate validating their level in French, a certificate that is universally accepted and recognized.  The exam will take place at school during school hours, and has a one-time fee of $70 that will be added to the tuition.
  • Sign up for the DELF here