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  Saturday, February 9, 2019

8th grade ESL field trip: Learning made relevant and useful in real context

By Bénédicte Brouder


On February 7, the 8th grade ESL students went on a field trip to UCSD with their ESL teachers, Amelia McCurdy and Erika Geary Fowler. The students were responsible for planning and implementing a tour of the Stuart Collection at UCSD. Students researched various art installations and guided them around the campus, providing detailed descriptions of each piece in English. The two teachers were lucky to have such motivated English learners as tour guides, as they both forgot their glasses and their French for the day!

During the time on campus, the students successfully found all art installations, asked detailed questions regarding the projects and directions from campus staff, and were able to contribute to a collaborative chalk installation. Be sure to ask them about their adventure (in English)!

Thank you to Amelia and Erika for such an impeccable project based unit, since the field trip was only a piece of it. It is now time for the students’ feedback papers!

IMG_2158 IMG_2181 IMG_2201 IMG_2205 IMG_2207

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