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  Monday, February 3, 2020

Coast to Coast Global Issues Leadership Initiative for Middle School

By Admissions

The Coast to Coast Global Issues Leadership Initiative is a signature Middle School student exchange program between network French-American schools (SDFAS on the West coast and FASRI on the East coast of the United States).  It is an inquiry-based and student-centered, cross age, cross curricular, cross school, & cross country collaborative. 

Using the classroom, independent research, fieldwork, and a cross country exchange, students from the San Diego French American School and the French American School of Rhode Island are working collaboratively to explore questions of their choosing related to a broad global theme (this year’s theme, Ocean Uses).  Students from each school will create a final product demonstrating what they learned and will prepare a presentation to share with their own school upon their return. (Text taken from the Coast to Coast brochure.) 

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