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  Friday, May 13, 2016

Congratulations to our wonderful basketball and soccer players!

By Admissions

Bravo à tous les joueurs et toutes les joueuses! Nous sommes très fiers de vous!

I was delighted today to go and support our teams. The girls played a fantastic game, and managed to remain confident despite a difficult start. When I arrived they were loosing but managed to turn around the score and reach the first place in the tournament. Congratulations and bravo to our great Coach Diesa Seidel for inspiring the students and sharing her passion for the game! Thanks to Mr. G for his help and support to the team!

The boys soccer team has also been amazing during the season, reaching the finals. Today they played against a strong team but never gave up despite being lead 2-1 in the last period. A few minutes before the end, they  equalized with an amazing goal 2-2. Luck was not on their side as the other team immediately scored another goal, winning the match 3-2. Being in the final and reaching second place is a success for our team. Congratulations to the players for their energy and their team spirit!

Un grand merci aux coaches for their time and dedication: Nicolas Margarot et Erwan Coiquaud!

Christian Jarlov


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