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  Friday, September 25, 2015

Crystal Growing this week in the Science Club with Mrs Jacoway

By Admissions

Science club members are busy learning about the process they will use to create a project for the school and county science fair.  

This week we used crystal growing as a model for a possible project.  During the activity the kids identified all the possible variables, and decided which ones would be important to manipulate and how they could control all of the rest. After much discussion they chose to play with the type of solute  and the amount of solute that they used.  

IMG_5872We are hoping to see different quantities of crystals in different sizes and shapes in the coming days and weeks.  All around this was a fun activity to help everyone learn about developing a solid experiment, and deciding on controls and variable, that will stand up in the science fair.  These students will each be creating a project for the school science fair in January.  All other students interested in entering are encouraged.  Get going with an exploration that interests you and share what you discover!


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