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  Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 2 in Montreal – 8th grade Field Trip to Canada

By Admissions

With the persistent rain, we had to modify our plans for today. We told the students that we were meeting our sister school in Montréal and two brave students volunteered to make a speech. What a relief to discover that the school was in fact an indoors sport place with trampolines! That was the P.E. class for the day, before going to a more educational space: the Planetarium.

Montreal, as in Paris, has its “Quartier Latin”, a lively area to go out, have an early diner, before going to the theater for a movie in French. This was the program for the day, and a good immersion in the culture of Canada…


A few pictures of the trampoline space:

20170606_100201 20170606_10011920170606_095945



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