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  Thursday, April 14, 2016

Earth Day in Middle School

By Admissions

Here are some poems and songs our 6th grades wrote for Earth Day :


Ride a bike to school,

Instead of driving there,

And if you choose to drive,

Be sure to always share,

A car with someone else,

That’s also going to school,

This saves our precious air,

And this is called carpool,

If you really want to,

Beat the heat, that’s fine,

So reduce the amount of carbon,

And allow earth to rewind.

CO2 is relevant,

In life as it is, so,

Take care of the air,

Don’t think of saying no!

In conclusion, I will say,

Save life! Have no strife!

And I’m really urging you to,

Fight for what is right.

-Maya Satterberg


Our World

In our dome

Which we call our home

Unlike Mars 

There are some scars.

Pollution is bad.

It is also sad.

Pollution is severe,

And we all wish it wasn’t here.

Global warming,

Which won’t stop growing

Has to stop,

Or it will be too hot, for even an ice pop!

If everyone would do their part,

A better world would start.

Every helpful little thing

Would make the world begin to sing.

-By Emma Berman 6A


Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases make a contribution

They are not just pollution.

They contain carbon dioxide

As we have all analyzed.

The oxygen on Earth is parted

It has been charted.

However, severe consequences came.

We lost the game

Too much carbon

From cars, come on.

Things will die

Pollution did not just drop by.

To stop all this pollution

To make things the way Mother Earth intended.

Then Earth will again be splendid.

By Chloe Gross 6A


Earth Day National Anthem

 Earth Day has come to be,

 Clean up with your family,

 Earth day has come,

Hand water the trees, you must,

 Take your bike not the bus,

 Turn off the factories they bring bad luck 

 Take very short showers,

 Not one for five hours,

 Earth day has come

 In the atmosphere you'll find,

 Particles of all kind

 The only way to stop this mess 

  is to rewind

  After we have rewinded 

  Earth will be free again

  From man's Left hand

  Trees will give birth again

  Animals will wrome the land

  Whales will jump in the sea

   Earth Day has Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: Liam Sylvada, Lexine Arambulo and Ellie  Coalier 


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