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  Friday, February 9, 2018

Eustory project : final filming session – Thank you to everyone involved!

By Bénédicte Brouder

On Saturday January 27, 2018, all participants from both schools, the German Pacific School and the San Diego French American School, gathered on the field for the final filming of the battlefield/chess board scenes of the movie that will be submitted as our entry to the Eustory contest.

German and French student actors were hard working, and demonstrated dedication, patience, and flexibility. We would like to thank pawns, hooks, queens, kings, knights and bishops, as well as generals and announcers on both teams!

We are also very grateful to parents who helped as script supervisor and continuity supervisor, as well as parents, siblings and students’ friends who play the cheering crowds: they sang the “Marseillaise” and the German national anthem with vigor and conviction, supporting their national teams in every chess move of the fierce battle happening on the chess board!

We would like to thank Alexandra, our Director of Photography, Julien, our camera operator who kindly took also many videos with his camera and his drone, and Diane, our Director.

A beautiful banner was also given by Amaia’s mother, and we would like to thank her for her donation: it made the chess tournament official and important! Not to forget Patricia and Heloise, who brought breakfast for all participants, and also Wiebke, the German Pacific School’s principal.

One of our student, Liam, also acted as Assistant Director, directing and instructing the cheering crowds in their roles.

Another of our student nicely took the pictures that you can enjoy on this page. Thanks for your help, Louna.

Overall, it was a team effort, and the fun and sense of achievement we had came from doing our best, together, to film several powerful scenes, in a project that carries deep purpose and meaning to us.

Thank you again!

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