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  Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Excellent results in La Course aux Nombres!

By Admissions

David and Alexander rank top in Worldwide Math Contest!

Emma reaches the second round, advanced set of tests!

La “Course aux nombres” (Race for Numbers) is a French math contest involving skills in mental calculation and logic for students from 4th to 10th grade. It was initiated in 2012 and continues now in many schools in the AEFE network (French international network of schools).

At SDFAS, students from 4th to 8th grade participated again this year. After a first successful round, Emma Berman (6th), Alexander Price (6th) and David Llewellyn Smith (7th) have been invited to do a second set of more advanced tests. Alexander and David were then selected for the finals. Alexander obtained the best score for 6th grade students in the USA and David the best score worldwide within the AEFE schools. Both students have been selected in their category in the team #1 which ranked second place in the world finals. Congratulations to both Alexander and David for outstanding results!

You can read the results here:

Catherine Mevel, Middle School Math teacher


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