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  Monday, February 10, 2020

First Place Haiku Winner!

By Admissions

Eleanor Meyer (6th grade) placed FIRST in this year’s international writing competition for grades 4 to 6, on Sarah Brennan’s Blog.  

For her winning entry, Eleanor won a signed copy of Storm Whale, a book by Sarah Brennan which was nominated and short-listed for multiple prizes in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Describing Eleanor’s poem Sarah Brennan wrote: “Eleanor’s entry was a real standout, with its lyrical riddle, with gorgeous similes in the first two lines, and the solution in the final line! A very original and beautiful poem, which thoroughly deserves first place. Congratulations Eleanor!” 

Below is the winning haiku:

Ruby and black skirts,

Delicate maidens dancing,

A sea of poppies.


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