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  Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun and visible learning in Spanish class – 6th to 8th grades

By Bénédicte Brouder

In order to effectively learn a language, fun activities in situation and peer-to-peer interactions are paramount. Differentiation is also extremely important.

This year, since a substantial number of students do speak Spanish fluently, a new approach and curriculum is being implemented in Spanish class across the middle school grades in order to build their skills toward high school Spanish. Advanced speakers also routinely interact with regular learners. These interactions effectively empower them to lead activities, and this is beneficial for everyone: reinforcement of regular learners’ language skills, meaningful interpersonal dialogs and activities, advanced speakers’ self confidence reinforcement and leadership skills’ development.

Enjoy a sample of pictures from the Spanish class that show how visible learning can be!

Congratulations to all students and their teacher, Ms. Patino!

6th grade

spanish6 number1

7th grade

spanish7 number 1 spanish7 number 5

8th grade

spanish7 number 2 spanish8 number 2 spanish8 number 3 spanish8 number 4 spanish8 number1



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