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  Monday, February 8, 2016

Girls Soccer Advance to League Play-Offs!

By Diesa Seidel

Congratulations to the SDFAS girls soccer team who finished the regular season 2-1-1, and qualified for the IMSL soccer plays-offs. This week, the team will play on Tuesday in the semi-finals at Alliant University. Before the game, SDFAS will go head to head with Nelson Middle Years (2-1-1), in a penalty kick-off to decide who will be the 2nd and 3rd seeds. The team is lead by Adriana Telenti (forward), Valentina Du Roure De Beaujeu (mid-field), Alienor Calmejane (mid-field), Noella Coiquand (defense), Elena Miralles (defense), Morgane Atwell (defense), Ariana Giauque (mid-field), Louna Ripart (forward), Amandine Brissot (goalie), and Leonie Shapiro (goalie).



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