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  Thursday, November 14, 2019

Human Library Field Trip at La Jolla Country Day

By Admissions

Human Library at La Jolla Country Day
On Friday 1st of November, the 8th graders borrowed some very special “books” at LJCD : Human Books! For the first time we were invited to participate in this amazing experience called a Human Library. The idea is to sit with a “human book”, a person, and speak with them about their career, choices or life experience for 20min. This library’s theme was “Feminism, Empowerment and Breaking Boundaries”. The students met different women, from a New York Times bestseller author,  a politician, a chef, a psychic to a renowned scientist. All of them loved the experience and are looking forward to doing this again at SDFAS! Thank you LJCD for this opportunity!
Marion Addo
8thGrade Human Library LJCDS SofiaHumanLibrary AlexHumanLibrary AvaHumanLibrary


Emilie Ballivy says:

What a great concept!
It would be fantastic to see it at SDFAS.

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