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  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

International Week: languages in action in 8th grade!

By Bénédicte Brouder

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The International week was the occasion for some of our students to share the languages they speak at home with their classmates:

  • Vincent Gelibert and Charles Shaffer taught us some Farsi and helped us write our names in the persian alphabet.
  • Nha-Ai Ha introduced us to Vietnamese and showed us how to pronounce the different tons and sounds of this complexe language.
  • We then learned how to read Pouchkine in Russian and write our names in the Cyrillic alphabet with Michael Abagyan.
  • Ella Greiner taught us how to say “I love chocolate cake” in German and told us about her life in Berlin.
  • Finally, we explored the history of Canadian French with Yann Baglin Bunod who explained us where this different vocabulary came from.
  • Tanguy Cornet taught us about the Creole language of Guadeloupe and its history while listening to a song from the Antilles. 

Thank you all for those interesting moments and we hope we’ll get all to speak those languages fluently one day! 

(Marion Addo, French teacher)

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