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  Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Junior Model United Nations – News from the students at the conference today…

By Admissions

Greetings from day one of the Junior Model United Nations Conference at the University of San Diego!
Today, twelve of our middle school students took part in their very first Junior Model United Nations Conference.  Our students worked diligently all year to research their assigned countries (Zimbabwe and Lithuania) in order to best represent them as delegates at the conference!  The students have drafted position papers, resolutions, and have prepared speeches on a variety of political, environmental, and human rights issues, and were actively engaged in debates, caucuses, and voting today.  We are proud of their enthusiasm and willingness to take risks and embrace this unique and powerful experience.  We will continue to update you on their progress.  Congratulations to Joseph Altomare, Nikki Astor, Seiji Ayala-Sekiguchi, Yann Baglin-Bunod, Dylan Cardinal, Luezi Endamne-Wamba, Ariadna Gomez-Lopez, Patricia Gomez-Lopez, Alexander Gross, David Llewellyn Smith, Esteban Porteu de la Morandiere, and Charles Shaffer on their hard work and participation!
Pictures of the day:

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