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  Thursday, October 16, 2014

Latest news and pictures from Joshua

By Admissions

Wednesday, October 15 in Joshua Tree National Park: rock climbing and belay

IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4337

Since the beginning of the trip, students have been organized in two groups corresponding to their class A and B. As instructors, we’ve had two men, Kyle and Avi, and a lady, Whitney. Kyle and Avi spend the day with one group and are extremely knowledgeable about the environment and the geological history of the park, while Whitney deals with the logistics, teaches students how to prepare the meals, and brings the team spirit ethics and philosophy of Boojum institute.Tuesday evening Kelsey joined the group. She is the climbing specialist and early morning Wednesday she went on the climbing location to install the equipment.

The students spent most of the day Wednesday taking turn in trying three different routes to climb a very steep granite slope on the mountain. I enclose a few pictures, but more will come soon.

Everyone enjoyed the experience as, even though if was challenging, there was different levels of difficulty and climbing on a real mountain is very different from the indoor climbing experience some of them had before.

Every day instructors offer a variety of team building games, lessons about the environment or stories told in a circle at night.


Thursday has the same program as Tuesday with different groups, one will explore the SEA (Subterranean Exploration Area) in Johnson Springs Canyon and will hike all day, while the other group will do the Gunsight canyon exploration, climb and have lessons on the environment and the geology of the area.

Yesterday evening we celebrated Alienor birthday with cupcakes Mrs Wallen had brought from San Diego, and tonight, it’s the last evening on the camp with wood fire and the traditional marshmallow treat.

I wish to add that I really enjoyed the three days with the 6th graders. It was a great opportunity for me to know them better, share their discoveries and moments of friendship. I wish I could have stayed until the end of the trip!


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