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  Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mandala Project in 6th grade with Jane Wheeler

By Admissions

As part of the new Art project this year, 6th grade students have been working during the past few weeks on the Mandalas, understanding not only the graphic concepts and endless possibilities, but also the culture linked to this art and religious form.

View the pictures taken last Thursday October 8 during the workshop.

Art6B Art6C Art6D Art6e

Friday October 16 in the morning, an “Art happening” will take place on the blacktop: 6th grade students will draw with chalks several large mandalas. All SDFAS students will be able to admire them at the end of the day, before they diseapear, victims of natural elements, wind and rain!

The class is lead by artist Jane Wheeler, with the help of Elisabeth Perdereau, 6th grade Art teacher.

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