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  Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mercredi 8 juin à Montréal

By Admissions

There was a very rich program today, even ending with a soccer game between Toronto and Montréal, two rival teams, very much like OM and PSG in France…

In the morning, due to a strike of the Science Center, Mme Denis had organized the visit of  the new Planetarium. Very nice presentation of the universe and the northern lights.

The day also included a very nice orientation course in old Montreal, where students had to take leadership roles, and guided the teachers in a competition!

La “Crêperie des Rillettes” was a nice reward for dîner, with “galette complète” and ” beurre au caramel salé”…

Now back at the hotel, the students are preparing their bag as tomorrow they leave for Quebec city.

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