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  Friday, March 17, 2017

Middle School Art Program: Theater Performance – March 17

By Bénédicte Brouder

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This morning in the auditorium, parents were invited to attend a Theater Performance with all MS students! This was an opportunity to watch their child on stage. Each student was able to shine and show how much he/she has been learning in class in the SDFAS Art Program this trimester.

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6th grade and 8th grade
Teacher : Susan Hall
The theme was “Channel Surfing” or Zapping. There were multiple short group scenes, intermixed with monologues. One of the group scenes was about an “on location” news report. Monologues and the News segments provided prompts for improvisation as students surf channels.

7th grade
Teacher : Meara Scanlon
7th grade students were challenged to work on their own monologues. A monologue is a process within itself and shows different emotions and characteristics within a piece.
As a class, they performed these monologues in a sequence.

Congratulations to all students for demonstrating such strong acting skills! Thank you to Susan Hall, Meara Scanlon, their Theater teachers, and to Emily Loomis and Elisabeth Perdereau, their SDFAS teachers helping in the Art Program.

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