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  Monday, December 3, 2018

Middle School L.I.V.E. Club: raising sustainability awareness on campus

By Bénédicte Brouder

L.I.V.E stands for : Leadership Initiative Volunteerism Empathy 

Under the leadership of Ms. Aseltine, English Middle School teacher, the primary Objectives of LIVE Club are to develop student leadership and initiative on campus and in our community, develop student passion for school and community engagement, raise awareness about global and local issues through facilitated discussions and events on campus, and develop student self and social awareness of one’s role at school, in the community, and in the world.

This trimester, students enrolled in the L.I.V.E. Club enthusiastically embraced the cause of sustainability. They decided to try to raise awareness around campus, touring Elementary school classrooms in order to engage younger students. Nicola (8th grade) did also attend one of the MS Staff meeting, and presented to teachers with the goal of engaging adults as well.





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