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  Friday, January 19, 2018

Middle School – Spanish class: tailor-made approach to learning

By Bénédicte Brouder

Activities in class are designed to meet students’ needs based on their level.

We were happy to welcome a new student in 8th grade recently: Sonny is a Spanish beginner. Therefore the content and activities are designed to cover the material for Spanish level one in order to provide him with strong foundations in the language.

Sonny worked with the verb “tener”, body parts and adjectives to describe body parts. Activities are meant to be interesting an interactive when possible. For example, sonny had to read a paragraph that contained the description of a monster (which cover the verb “tener, body parts and adjectives). Then, he had to match it with the image. As a follow up, Sonny had to create a monster based on the description provided in the paragraph.

spanish2 spanish 1

While Sonny was designing his beautiful mural on the classroom wall, the advanced students who are native language speakers were also challenged to work at their level. Spanish fluent speakers have been working on the theme Health Care and Medicine, and they have learned about the illnesses that are affecting Latino America. They explored their own health system, and learned about alternative health  approaches such as the “curanderos” healers. Students are also learning on relevant topics such as the evolution of flu viruses and their impact in places such as Spain, México and the United States.

 Yuriko Patino – Spanish teacher

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