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  Friday, November 6, 2015

Model United Nations at SDFAS

By Diesa Seidel

Are you interested in diplomacy, international relations, public speaking, and leadership?!

Model UN (MUN), is an educational simulation and academic competition for middle school and high school students. Students will learn about the United Nations (UN), its 193 member states, and the role of this worldwide intergovernmental organization. Each year, MUN hosts a conference where schools gather to debate and share their research which they have prepared. At the end of the conference, awards are given to schools and individuals for their exceptional presentations.

As a school, we will be assigned one country along with topics/issues to discuss. The delegates (you) will research and prepare speeches and formulate positions to debate at the conference. This is a great opportunity to learn about politics and understand the current needs of other countries.

This year, SDFAS is looking to start MUN as an after school activity on Wednesdays (3:15 – 4:05 pm). The program will be lead by Ms. Cardinal, Ms. Seidel and Mr. G.

If you are interested to join MUN, please talk with Ms. Seidel or Mr. G.

Dylan Cardinal (7th) debriefing the middle school about MUN.

Dylan Cardinal (7th) debriefing the middle school about MUN.

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