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  Thursday, October 19, 2017

More 6th grade students’ feedback from Joshua Tree National Park!

By Bénédicte Brouder

Le matin nous étions réveillées tôt et Ms. Jacoway nous a dit que si on voulait aller, on pouvait faire une petite balade. Lilou et Gloria

Scrambling at camp was really fun.  We got to go scrambling several times in different places, going up,down,to the side, and even went by a wasp nest.  It was pretty scary to me but I didn’t bother them so they didn’t bother me.  We saw a few caves that were pretty cool and stopped at one of them to have lunch.  It was kind of cramped but we got to talk and it was very fun to experience being in nature and finding our way around.  We experienced what Indians probably did a long long time ago, except they had to hunt and find their water, which luckily we didn’t have to do.  One of the days I got stung by a cactus, which wasn’t so pleasant , but other than that ,camp was very fun.  I would do it all over again if I could.  And I had the best friends and the best teachers to guide and support me through the way.  In conclusion, I am really glad I got to experience this wonderful camping trip.  Sincerely, Valentina

Bonjour! Ce que j’ai aimé à Joshua Tree est le scrambling. On est monté sur des pierres géantes. C’était trop ammusant dans les grottes. Il fallait grimper et descendre. Nathalie

The thing I like the most about Joshua Tree is Scrambling. I like it because I can climb on rocks and boulders. The only thing that I hate about scrambling is that the group has to walk in a line. I also like Rock Climbing because I am good at it but I did not know I was good. I like it because it makes me feel that I could practice and become really good at it. Jimmy

La chose la plus amusante dans ce camp, c’ était les activités que l’on faisait l’après-midi (escalade, randonnée). Raphaël


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