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  Friday, May 6, 2016

More From the Theatre Festival

By Admissions

Friday May 6, 2016

Actors from La Troupe have enjoyed seeing the productions from other schools today.

This morning we saw “POTPOURRI #1” from Dallas International School, English Elective class, and at noon, “FATS3” from the San Francisco Middle School, all 8th grade students, in an improvisation piece.

At 1 pm, we saw the play in French from École Internationale de New York and the title was “L’Audition” , a play written by  the Middle School students.

This afternoon, they participate in a workshop with clowns, before seing the play in Russian with English subtitles!

The last play of the day at 7pm (5pm San Diego time) is by the French Theatre group of Dallas International School. “Game of Films” and “Le deuxième coup de feu”.

See some pictures of the other plays below:

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