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  Monday, October 17, 2016

News of the day from Pali

By Bénédicte Brouder

Hello from Pali!
We arrived this morning at 11am and discovered the Pali institute and our cabins with a breath taking view on the San Bernadino Mountains! Right away we went with our instructors to learn about the rules of the camp and our activities’ program. 
After lunch we separated in two groups and went to do different activities outdoor and indoor. The first group explored their environnement with the Art in Nature activity and then went to track a criminal through clues like finger prints patterns and blood types during the CSI game. 
The second group went out in the wood for the Outdoor Skills activity. We know now how to built a fire and a shelter in the forest. 
Later the evening we went to explore the nature by night… unfortunately the clouds caught us in the mountain and we couldn’t see the stars! 
Tomorrow other adventures await us!
The 7thA and 7thB classes
Marion S. Addo
Middle School French Langage Teacher
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