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  Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pali Trip – 7th grade – Day 3

By Bénédicte Brouder

Hello all!

We are already at our last full day in Pali… and what a day! Today we only did two big activities : Forest Ecology and Outdoor Skills. During Forest Ecology we learnt about the different kind of trees in the area and how to recognize them. Some of them taste like lemon, some of them have huge cone pines that can weight up to 8kg! We reflected on Dr. Seuss story The Lorax and discussed about our role and place in the forest.
In Outdoor skills we learned about to survive in the forest and how to protect it. We learnt about fire camps, how to build them but how to extinguish them properly. We then tried to build a shelter in and around trees with the materials at our disposition. Most important of all we learnt how to protect our forest and our environment. Remember : Leave No Trace!
It’s already our last night in Pali with scary stories and star gazing!
See you tomorrow!
Mme Addo
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